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vehicle ideas

  1. Index

    Vehicle armor

    Do you think we should be able to apply additional armor to vehicles. I think it would be badass to roll in with a fully armored rv mowing down zombies
  2. We gotz purple stuff :T

    Food/Ice Cream Trucks

    This vehicle may not be combat worthy to drive however it does have a few components. A grill and oven to cook your food. Also being able to store items in cabinets. Think of it as a trading type of vehicle for a trade caravans. The door flaps can be fortified for cover whenever s**t goes down...
  3. Jeremiah Fritz

    Pop-Up/Towable Campers

    a mobile home you pull with your vehicle...like the rv yet you can park it and use your car to scavenge while you leave your home in the woods..instead of driving the big rv...plus one player cant drive two vehicles