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  1. N

    Vehicle Suggestion

    A 4WD Rally like car would be good as it would be fast on and off road buy it should be rare to find. the vehicle should be like a mitsubishi lancer evo 7 mixed with a subaru impreza 2004 as they are both really good rally cars and if it was mixed with a custom name it would not be classed as...
  2. Soulzz

    Vehicle suggestions

    Off road: UAZ-452 1996 Jeep Cherokee Pickup Trucks 1966 Ford F250 1989 toyota lightace pickup truck Sports car 1985 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT 1969 ford mustang Bikes Yamaha Grizzly 400 4wd Automatic quad bike A dirt bike fun vehicles
  3. R

    [MEGA THREAD] Customizing/Armoring/Modding/Upgrading Vehicles

    i would like to see an indepth vehicle modification system. i like the idea of say finding an angle grinder and cutting gun holes in the back of a van etc. or adding fench mesh over windows to improve defense from grabby people. you know who im talking about. but yeah. just generally vehicle...