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  1. ««DEX»»

    Ways of getting clean water [0.3.3]

    Well, i've been playing a lot recently and noticed that maintaining your character's hydration is the hardest thing so far. It a pain in the neck, because there are so little ways to get clean water: Find a bottle of clean water in the container; Purify a bottle of dirty water with purification...
  2. iiBqntZ


    a big threat when swimming is brain eating amoeba which is so deadly only 3 people have survived it they live in bodies of warm freshwater but not everywhere maybe be able to feel water temperature before going in to see if its warm or cold...
  3. Templar

    A mechanical draw bridge

    As I had suggested to @JB_ earlier in the Discord which said it was a cool idea, I thought I post this up here so it won't be forgotten. :D Basically a modern era mechanical draw bridge, to screw around with. You can open and close the bridge through the control panel in the operators room next...
  4. Handicap Jack

    Environmental Impact Of Player Actions

    We know we are getting power plants and such in game to power up and benefit from. But how about the localised negative impacts? Lets use the power plant as an example. Its fair to assume that the survivors in game do not know how to efficiently run a plant, pumping out power is our only...
  5. M


    where to find water... that is the question :) and also no calories are gained from eating anything... i shall die