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  1. Sckiz1

    Makeshift Weapons

    A sock with rocks - Sock-em A kitchen Knife on broomstick - Spear A rubber band and oak twig - Catapult (use rocks for ammo only knock out zombies for 10 sec for follow up finish i.e punch or stamp kick). A rock. Chair or table leg with screws - Spiked Mace Trash lid - Shield Knock back weapon...
  2. Mannot74

    Real weapons only pickable / handmade weapons for the craft

    Sorry for my bad english and sorry if the idea has already been proposed.. 1) Real weapons only pickable 2) handmade weapons for the craft
  3. MinDaBeast

    Taking bullets in magazine manually and flare guns

    Hello everyone:) I have been VERY HYPED of this game since i heard about it for some months ago and i have an suggestion that in my eyes would make the game better. Suggestion: When you find ammo boxes around the map you will need to take out the bullets of the box and then fill the magazine...
  4. Swizzle

    FLIR Optics and EMP

    Quick idea just was loading up another game and thought of it even though it has nothing to do with the game i was loading lol. Anyways FLIR optics or Thermal Optics for weapons, in those dark nights one can become very paranoid a Optic for their weapon (obviously a firearm only) could help ease...
  5. Soulzz

    The Bubble Gat (Gun)

    the bubble gun is the most lethal weapon mankind have ever created like Albert Einstein said "I know not with what weapons world war 3 will be fought, but world war 4 will be fought with bubbles and water"
  6. Facerafter

    [Mega Thread] Melee Weapons

    Would be awesome if you could have a chainsaw as weapon (Rare loot) It would require fuel and parts (Just like a car) before it can function.
  7. Davz Not Here

    POCKETS !!!!!

    it was suggested i give this idea it's own thread (brought to you from a thread on item weight) I want to be able to use my clothing pocket space ..... every game relies on 'pack space' ..... i want my pockets ..... all 6 of the ones on my pants, both cargo, left, right, front, and back...