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  1. Sarcoth

    Hello From Sarcoth @ Sacred Haven Network

    Hello all. I would like to thank the STN community for giving me my most successful night for live streaming last Thursday (12/21/2017). I broke every record on my channel to date. I love seeing how hyped many of my viewers were about the game that they spent 5 hours with me waiting for the...
  2. Darkstar 影

    Roleplay or Gameplay? (User Created Content)

    So I plan to upload STN YouTube videos @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCotp9Vm6UOa1cshM48DrBcw And I was curious what people would be more interested in, a Roleplay(I speak as if I were the character, more focused on a storyline and cinematics than pure gameplay) or gameplay(I'll play like...
  3. UndeadSwat


    for anyone who actually watches these podcasts and keeps up with them, i'm wondering what do you guys/gals think about the new baited/catch33?
  4. ThePlebyPleb

    YouTubers YouTubes

    @T8Mars came up with the idea for a section just for YouTubers so share your YouTube link below and make a STN YouTube community, I'll also edit this post and post your Link here every time you write in the comments (That way EVERYONE gets to be at the top of the page) @ThePlebyPleb -...
  5. Rockit14

    Hello from New Jersey!

    Hello! I am a new community member. Remembered watching FrankieonPCin1080p play this game 2 years ago. I recently found that same video and decided to see how the game has developed. Can't wait for the release and play it on my channel :) Respectfully, Rockit14
  6. Montauk

    ATTENTION Streamers, Youtubers, etc...

    For anyone who chooses to live stream or upload recorded footage/screenshots online, be sure you include the following disclaimer with your STN pre-alpha content: Survive the Nights Pre-alpha Footage Disclaimer: This footage of Survive The Nights is taken from a pre-alpha test build designed to...