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  1. GriNAME

    Several types of zombie and stealth mode

    Hi everybody! I suggest to make several type of zombie. 1 type is stupid and slow zombie. Smth like in The Walking Dead. One by one, they do not pose a great danger, they are easy to hide and easily deceived. For example, throw some object away from yourself, so that the noise is distracted by...
  2. DZS

    Skateboard + zombie smashing weapon

    A fun means of transport featuring flip tricks and steam achievements for various tricks. The skateboard could double as a weapon. No one will prob like this idea anyway, its pretty dumb. Post stupid pictures.
  3. Darkstar 影

    Bitten Players

    So I really hope the zombies have a bite mechanic, not just a slap. Assuming that they do, here's a few things that could happen to bitten players: 1. Decrease in Mental State, some people in real life would likely have a mental breakdown after realizing death is on its way. 2. Slowly Reduce...