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  1. KoolKilla123

    Ideas for the zombies

    After playing continuous hours of STN, I feel as if the zombies are quite weak, although i haven't really fought any at night, i feel like during the day zombies still don't feel like a threat and they are yet a nousence, like their pathing is pretty bad and they don't feel "free" i'd really...
  2. DZS

    Random unexpected noises attracting zombies

    Like a partially working record player in an old shop.
  3. UndeadSwat

    Dead bodies as camouflage

    maybe, if there's going to be a "play dead" mechanic within the game and the zombies that die don't de-spawn automatically then maybe there could be an option to grab dead zombies together to pile them up and either burn them or even act as a way to camouflage where you hide within the pile to...
  4. DZS

    Vans Zombie War - an ongoing work of fiction

    Introduction - this is the very first major story i ever started was inspired by a game called Zpocalypse: Survival. The game never got off the ground due to 3 failed KS campaigns, company who were making it is called green brier games their romp into video game land ultimately failed they...
  5. DZS

    Flavour of the month - a brief work of fiction

    My name was bob, yes thats it. I remember the office i used to work in smiling faces so cheerful so tastyyyy...... RaAAAaAA!! Bob shuffled with his group towards some live food, stretched his arms out OrR GrrR Ooooo MMRRr!! The food squealed and screamed as Bob and his friends surged forward...
  6. David B

    Zombies eat corpses?

    I believe that after somebody dies due to a bullet, or a group of zombies. Zombies in the area (Obviously a larger area if they were killed by a gun shot because more will be attracted) should try to eat the corpse of the person. And after the zombies are finished eating the clothing that the...
  7. Grooze

    Food that attracts zombies.

    So if you hunt animals, the blood and meat of the animal attracts zombies if they are near. Could be possible to be used to lure zombies away. Or into a trap. Also can be used against other players. Hunt for meat and place the raw meat near a base or house of your feared enemy. When the night...
  8. GLasiore

    Boss Zombie Mobs?

    Hello all. Did you play Blade and Soul? There is little uniques around map. Same thing must be in STN too. We will see normal human zombies around map but imagen there is unique zombies like Big Bear Zombie with huge healt bar and high power. It is roaring, clawing, pawing, jumping etc etc. And...