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A new story a new day

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Jul 12, 2017
A mind forever voyaging, the forgotten tail.

Tal Rai was over 200 years old when he departed centuri beta. His planet was dying, being forced to live underground in glass bubbles with artificial atmospheres. There was barely 10 cubits left as predicted by centuri beta's top scientists. Tal Rai was a pioneer and explorer in his races terminology, star sailor. An astronautical navigator with a nack for knowing west from south in the great depths. On the grand day of leaving, the festival of Te-ar took place. Citizens from as far as the planes of methane traveled too the central city Ur-na-tor-rok. Solar particle propulsion had barely been invented, the research team installed the very first prototype on Tal Rai's stellar skiff. Some brief field tests were undertaken giving good results. Tal Rai was a legend amongst his civilization he knew of the tails of mighty explorers of old who stretched out from stars unknown. Such tails were passed first hand from citizens who knew these explorers and ate with them. Tal Rai would do as his forefathers fathers did carrying enough genetic material to seed a new culture. Naturally, technological advancements for over 1000 cubits made a huge difference reducing the guessing game by more than 80% when searching for a new planet to start over.

Tal Rai was awarded his planets highest honor during the festival "Today, our mighty Tal Rai of Rai clan is to be given an honor of distinction. Dignitrys, gentlefolk and warriors from afar rise and witness such honor as few have been bestowed. Not since the pod wars has the title of Tur-Ah-Nok been awarded". As the prime director placed the fabled claw of an extinct Snoosh beast around Tal Rai's neck all in the crowd arose with an almighty roar then begun pounding their fists on the protosteel arena floor. Such was the intensity of the fist pounding the entire arena shook. Tal Rai let loose his own roar following with a chant attributed to the original explorers passed down to him by his grandfather. The prime director annouced "IT IS DONE! Let the entertainment begin" As was the tradition, Tal Rai was lead to the arena prepping area. To truely prove he was required to battle a slasher beast subdue it and harness a mount on it. Few centuri betazins possesed the knowledge to achieve such a feat. Tal Rai did being taught by his grandfather who in turn was taught by one of the last living slasher tamers.
Tal Rai selected only a single chain whip, knowing full well how to utilize the whip in order to subdue the beast. The crowd cheered for Tal Rai as he entered the arena grounds "Bring forth the slasher" they shouted. The beasts gate was lowered, it hissed and squealed its 4 incisor legs clacking in excitment as it squared up its prey. Tal Rai steered directly at the beast, emotionless intensely focussed on the task at hand.

The beast lowered its insect like head preparing to charge. Tal Rai looped the chain whip then begun swinging. As the beast neared him, he quickly rolled to the side the loop following. Tal Rai snapped the loop forwards barely missing the slashers head. The crowd roared in amusement. The Prime Director annouced "He missed this time, can he take it the next round".
The beast hissed in disappointment, it turned to face Tal Rai again clacking its mandibles. Tal Rai was determined to avoid another embarrassment. As the beast charged, once again Tal Rai dived out the way the chain loop following, he had barely a second moving to a sitting position as the beast hurtled past. Quickly he jerked the chain forward, in an instant it had snagged around the creatures neck. It violently thrashed around making metal sparks fly as its 4 clawed legs tried to break away. The beast howled and hissed, Tal Rai showed no fear as he walked over to it. The beast snapped its insect mouth at him attempting to bite his hands off. The crowd was ecstatic, never before had such a feat been witnessed in living memory. Tal Rai leaped on the back of the slasher it bucked around trying to dislodge him, as per his teaching he pulled and pushed the chain loop up under the creatures carapace to whcih an odd snapping sound was made, the beast begun to calm. The secret taming nerve had been manipulated, many eons ago the slasher beasts were breed to have a built in taming ability should an able centuri betan ever have a need for a mount.

The crowd watched in silence as Tal Rai shouted "Bring forth the mount". The beast was no longer bucking, its hissing had turned into a gentle insect like hum. Tal Rai stroked around its neck, its hum intensified. An attendant moved forward from the prepping room, mount in hands. He offered it up to Tal Rai saying "Mighty explorer, do you accept the mount?" Tal Rai studied it, examining the quality. Tal Rai replied "The mount is acceptable, the quality good. Take my trophy in exchange". He handed the snoosh claw to the attendant to which the attendant replied "I accept your offer". The attendant left gift in hand. Tal Rai placed the mount on the slasher beast, it cooed a soft hum as he did. Tal Rai then climbed into the mount riding with his fist raised in the air as a signal for completing the test.

The crowd chanted "Tal Rai, Tal Rai, Tal Rai" The prime director spoke "Tal Rai of Rai clan, you have performed the rite of Tur-Ah-Nok that our forefathers fathers did so many times before. By the powers of the central protectorate i hearby bestow upon you the title Tal Rai Tur Class I Progenitor of Centuri Beta. May the flame we hold dear be planted firmly upon foreign soil, we give our blessing. Travel far mighty explorer. You have proved your worth today and charge you with continuing our great society. May no centuri betan shed a tear for what is to come, take heart in our heroic explorer who will carry on all we have built. Tal Rai, you may take as many resources as you need to ensure your survival and the intact journey of our genetic archives. The central city vaults have been opened, you may enter at will. Our greatest minds are at your disposal. Time is short, you will have ideally 2 cubits left to make any needed modifications to your vessel. If you so desire you may take one attendant with you, there isn't space for more. You should begin preparations immediately." The crowd along with the prime director let loose one final unified roar and intense fist ponding from their seats as Tal Rai exited the arena.

Tal Rai thought of his love. He felt sad that he had to leave her, an attendant could only be male in his culture the females were considered too fragile due to their barely developed skeletal structure. He would spend some time with her before he embarked. He thought of his best friend, Lat Or. A good fiend, able skilled in combat resourceful. An ideal companion for traversing the depths. Tal Rai went to visit Lat Or, knocking late in the cycle on his front door.

"Tal Rai, old friend what do you need at this hour?" "Have you not heard Lat Or? I was selected for the journey." "Really? what do you want of me?" "I desire to make you my attendant, i can think of none other i wish to journey with through the stars." "Tal Rai, im surprised that you would make this offer." "Do you accept? Lat Or my friend." "Tal Rai, i need some time to consider this offer. I too have family." "I will visit again tomorrow, you have till sundown to make your decision." "I will have it, AH-ORT-NAKI 'Go in peace brother' " Tal Rai receeded to his own abode where he meet his female. She threw her arms around him "Tal Rai, i missed you my love, my heroic male. I heard about your adventure with the slasher beast. What a truely amazing thing you did my love, our forefathers fathers would be proud that one still lives amongst us who has the skill." "It is well, my grandfather smiles on this night." "My love i wish there was some way i could come with you, but i need to be here with our people. I will smile and always love you as our planet withers away. When you are out there, in the depths i will follow you no matter where i am. Always know that my love." Tal Rai grabbed his females hand and moved it to his face looking into her eyes "You will be my only forever into infinity. In your dying breath i will be there with you". She moved her head under his chin. "Thank you Tal Rai, thank you for being my male". Both female and male slept embraced enjoying the moments which were like grains of sand in an hour glass.

The tri moons of centuri beta rose, one was blood another was blue the third was pale white. This sign was prophesied by a clergy man on the plains of salt many cubits ago. It was a sign that something would go wrong, that a cataclysm was to take place. Events were unfolding deep in the planets core.