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A World with a Story to Tell

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Darkstar 影

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Jun 4, 2017
Alaska, United States of America
WatchSTN.jpg I just recently got an idea after creating and reading more and more of the Player-Created Lore, that this can really be even more of a living, breathing world on Black Island than I'd thought. And I came up with a few ideas that could breathe some life into this landscape.
Now a first idea is around books. Maybe you can get some players together or if any creative devs are interested then just have books that spawn in libraries, churches, homes, etc. These books can be about the History of Black Island, the News in and around Black Island, maybe a prisoner escaped by unknown means from the Black Island Prison, hijacked a police boat and went rampaging through Black Rock, harming civilians and battling police. I came up with that in just a few seconds and there is so much that could be expanded upon in that and things similar. And that story could be found in a news article in Black Rock, or even a book of some kind.
The second idea is Lore Items. These can be things that are found from the past that are only in exclusive spots. And things can be taken from the Player Created Lore and put in, as well as new things. Maybe a watch can be found in the sand along the Southern coast of Old Town, maybe a building with a rather ragged and improvised Porch built on the front of it. These kinds of things will peak the curiosity of players and make them interested in reading and finding out more about this world.
Finally my third idea is a story-line. It doesn't need to be Last of Us or Telltale TWD Level storyline, but perhaps a laboratory can be found in a remote location that gives hints and evidence to a virus that they created, and you can look through their files and find folders about patients and test-subjects, as well as evolution's of the virus. Maybe somewhere else there is a Military base with bodies littering what was once a battleground, where the military attempted to control and withstand against the outbreak, and you can find zombie soldiers and military vehicles. And in the base you can attempt to return power to the building by getting a generator running, then you can rummage through the computers in the base and find recordings of a cure being attempted. Stuff like that.