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After trying out 0.3.6 couple of suggestions and some feedback

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Jul 12, 2017
First up, very impressed with the performance even zone loading seems better. The hit to FPS isn't bad. No idea what a fully loaded server would be like, hopefully in time that will become apparent.

I was playing on an Aus exp server.

Really love the sun rises and sun sets, has the detail been polished a bit? I Could almost imagine breathing in fresh mountain air. The bird background noises add a nice immersion aspect. Roads are looking good nice and smooth pretty close to aspect irl. Like how you cant just cut down a tree with your fist haha.

The roads seem mostly very wide, this is a good thing i forsee much road wars taking place aka Mad Max :p

Didn't get to play with weapons as it takes forever to find anything since the map is so insanely huge. Please add vehicles asap. This is a good thing though. Doors are really good.

Some suggestions
- Spawning could be improved, maybe they could choose a location near where they died? Unless its meant to be brutal haha

- I noticed bus stops, could a future bus be added :p just a silly idea i had. Player bob the bus driver goes around picking up other players at bus stops lol. Would allow a level of role playing.

Games getting much better, looking forward to future updates even on my crappy mobile data lel. Might switch back to wired soon after ive moved.