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After trying out 0.3.6 couple of suggestions and some feedback

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DZS, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. DZS

    DZS Survivor Backer

    Jul 12, 2017
    First up, very impressed with the performance even zone loading seems better. The hit to FPS isn't bad. No idea what a fully loaded server would be like, hopefully in time that will become apparent.

    I was playing on an Aus exp server.

    Really love the sun rises and sun sets, has the detail been polished a bit? I Could almost imagine breathing in fresh mountain air. The bird background noises add a nice immersion aspect. Roads are looking good nice and smooth pretty close to aspect irl. Like how you cant just cut down a tree with your fist haha.

    The roads seem mostly very wide, this is a good thing i forsee much road wars taking place aka Mad Max :p

    Didn't get to play with weapons as it takes forever to find anything since the map is so insanely huge. Please add vehicles asap. This is a good thing though. Doors are really good.

    Some suggestions
    - Spawning could be improved, maybe they could choose a location near where they died? Unless its meant to be brutal haha

    - I noticed bus stops, could a future bus be added :p just a silly idea i had. Player bob the bus driver goes around picking up other players at bus stops lol. Would allow a level of role playing.

    Games getting much better, looking forward to future updates even on my crappy mobile data lel. Might switch back to wired soon after ive moved.
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