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Alpha Devblog #20 - Alpha 1.6 Preview (Prison Island Rework | Halloween Content ++)

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Jul 25, 2014
Brooklyn New York
Hello all,

Thanks for checking out our 20th alpha devblog! Some of you might be new here so thanks much for the support! The team is developing the 1.6 patch. We're also working on an additional 1.5 Halloween update!

Prison Island Rework

Jos has continued development on the new prison island as well as the old. We'll be turning our old island into another small town and we'll have some screens and details on that in the next 1.6 preview blog. Below you'll see some shots of the new prison island including the draw bridge and foot bridge below it. The island isn't as large as the original but contains far more depth and detail. This detail extends underground to a sewer system, something we would like to extend to towns on the island. The prison is the largest POI in Survive the Nights so far, it features a complex maze of halls, offices and massive, multi-floor controllable cell block.

Exposed sewer line

Looking out

The island from afar

Island access road and bridge (closed)

Island access road and bridge (open)​

Halloween Update

We'll be introducing another update before 1.6, a little quality of life and halloween update. It only makes sense, we've improved some of the menu system (shown in last weeks blog) and added quite a few more loot icons. This is ready for release so we'll likely push that along with a few more Quality of Life fixes into our 1.5 Halloween Update. This update will of course also feature our halloween event! Some of you might remember last years Christmas event. This year we've taken some time and had some fun developing a few features that will likely stick around for other holidays. Including a holiday manager, allowing us to introduce holiday content without bothering you guys with an additional download.

Pumpkins everywhere!

Pumpkin heads

New area to explore the Drive-In

But will the projector still work?

Movie night!
Merch Shop!

While we're currently unable to sell merch in house which is what we would ideally love to one day do. We have opted into a 3rd party seller Teespring to provide those that have requested it the ability to pick up some cool merch and help out the team.

Thanks for the continued support and continued issue and suggestion reporting :). Below are some helpful links to anyone new and interested in the game. If you'd like to follow a bit closer, please consider joining our Discord. We're here, we're listening!

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Jul 12, 2017
Man, i gotta hand it to ya's that's looking fantastic. The goods are really starting to arrive now, patience and persistence.

Whats the word on the base spawn bug any eta on it being fixed? Sorry i know its an annoying persisting problem, if you guys can nail it you'll be gold.