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Animal Pelts

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Dec 31, 2017
A player may decide the wear animal pelts in order to provide themselves with thick clothing that can take a beating or stay warm during cold winter nights.

you get a skinning knife to take the hides off wolves, dogs, coyotes, bears, deer, foxes etc.

you can then take the hides to craft all sorts of gear, not just clothes. You may create a backpack, a bedroll, even a blanket you may want to lay under incase the temperature drops too low.

You may also try to keep your house warm when a blizzard is going on and if the house has windows then the cold outside will come into the house preventing it from getting very warm.

So you would take hides to patch up any windows around the house in order to keep the cold out and your heat in.

lots of zombie movies and games have them attracted to heat, so if you have an opening in your house where heat is escaping then you may attract a few zombies to come and investigate.