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Announcing the Black Island Gazette

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Jul 12, 2017
Welcome to the first issue. Both @Dr. J and @DZS are collaborating in its editorship. If anyone else would like to take part feel free to post the next issue. Keep it to key locations of Black Island with occasional mentions of fictional or based on real global events around the year 2000. Would be great to see some contributions from other community members.

Disclaimer, any references to real names are purely coincidental.

Format: No date only the issue number
Columns and layout doesn't matter only the content.
Adds are encouraged

Issue #1

We here at the editorial office in partnership with Union Point PD and Addersfield International Airport are pleased to announce the first issue of the Black Island Gazette. We'd like to thank the community's of Sage Creek, Old Town and Black Rock for contributing their time and resources so that we as an island might have our own Gazette. Honorable mentions goto Addersfield and Union Point Power Station. Keep the lights on boys and we'll keep printing.

Without further ado we present to you our first article.

Whats hiding in Lake Baron? Over the years there's been many reports of strange events mysterious lights and unexplainable phenomena. We consulted historical documents investigating reports of events in and around the lake. One Bill Randel was mentioned in the reports, we contacted Bill to find out what exactly he found. The meeting was booked for a small cafe in Old Town. We sent our correspondent Shane Campbell to meet with Bill. The following is a transcript of the meeting

Hello Bill nice to meet you
You as well Shane
We hear you've got a story to tell about Lake Baron?
Yes thats right 'Bill fidgets with his glasses' now let me see, it must of been about 10 years ago.
Go on Bill
I was out fishing, catching some dinner you see. Must of been about 2 hours after weighing anchor i saw it. It looked like a craned neck sticking out of the water, attached to the top of the neck was a face but a face that looked like an entire mouth with a set of single teeth that was curved right around.
Unbelievable, continue Bill
It was just sittin there didn't make a sound was as if it was a statue. Then as suddenly as i saw was gone, the neck head vanished beneath the lake.
What happened next Bill?
Well as you could imagine i was excited running on adrenaline seeing what i'd just seen. I packed up my fishin gear made for the shore, cranked up ol bessie making a bee line for the nearest police department. Filed a report, they said they'd look into it didn't hear no more.
Were sure sorry to hear that Bill, you seem like a real wild man out there.
You betcha i sure am heeehehe 'coughs'

Our correspondent Shane Campbell finished up his meeting with Bill exchanging stories with the old timer. We love you Bill, will be in touch if we ever need your skills outdoors. We'll never know what Bill saw in Lake Baron, there's clear evidence something unusual exists there. Delving into ancient stories of the first settlers that arrived on our shores we learnt there was rumors of strange beasts roaming the island. Further investigations are needed, if anyone would like to offer their story about Lake Baron contact our editorial team during business hours. Dial 555-9988 extension 45 ask for Jet.

"Would you like to get away from it all? Do you like nature? Walden Forest can offer you the idyllic comfort you've been craving living amongs't the trees. Get closer to nature, Contact Walden Forest rangers office if you'd like to rent a cabin. Mention this add for a 10% discount during peak season. Dial 555-4771"

"Do you love radio? Do you have a voice that could entertain an angry mob? We here at KCC KLASH would love to hear from you. Were looking for a talented individual to help run our daily shows over the air waves. Competitive rates offered, performance bonuses plus health plan depending on experience. Drop your CV in to our Old Town studio, call 555-5527. Were the voice that keeps you going through the night. Truck on Rock on we put the KC in KLASH Ow!"

Our next article covers recent troubles brewing on Mount Baron. Our editor Jake Newstead takes over from here, we'll leave it to you Jake.

Hello im editor Jake Newstead i run the environment story editorial department. The following article is about reports of unsafe climbing hazards on Mount Baron. I went out there to investigate. The drive to Mount Baron took a good hour, upon arriving there was already people qued up equipped with climbing gear to scale some of its share rock faces. I got to talking to some of the locals.

Hello whats your name young lady?
Hi, Bethany
Our editorial team has had reports of unsafe climbing hazards up Mount Baron
I dont know anything about that
Ok thanks for your time young lady

Next i interviewed a middle aged looking man

Hello Sir, whats your name?
Hi, the names Fred. Whats this about?
Im part of the Black Island Gazette reporting team here investigating reports of unsafe climbing hazards on Mount Baron
Yeah, ive heard there's some bad places to climb up there. Not seen anything first hand. I gotta level with you man, someones gonna get hurt if rules arn't brought in soon. From what ive heard its really quite dangerous up there.
Fred can you tell us what you've heard?
Well you see and this is only going on rumor, there's this real dangerous cliff it hangs out over to the middle of no where. All those adrenaline junkies love it, its some sort of crowning achievement if they can scale it without dieing.
Thanks Fred, you might be saving lives today.
Ah shucks now you've made me go all shy.
Tell you what Fred come stop by the office at Union Point and have a meal on us.
Hey thanks man you guys are the greatest.

Another man nearby caught our attention, an older looking man with a curled mustache. I moved in to interview him.

Hello Sir, can you tell us what your name is?
That'd be Oliver. What do you want?
Weve received reports of unsafe climbing hazards on Mount Baron. Can you give us any details regarding that?
Ive been up and down this mountain for 20 years, not once have i encountered what you describe.
I see, were sorry to waste your time Sir
Hey now, i know your just doing your job i aint gonna hold that against ya. Come to think of it i did hear some kids talking about one of their friends.
Please continue Sir
Well you see it went like this, one of them young punks with all that fancy climbing gear was hollering about an overhanging cliff right up on the peak. They was yapping about how their gonna climb right up it like spider man.
Did you catch his name Sir?
Hmmmm.. he twirls his mustache for a second.. i think it was... Sheldon. That's it Sheldon. I know them young punks, their father works at the nearby gas station.
Thanks Oliver you may of saved some lifes today, when your next visiting Union Point come stop in and have a meal on us.
Anytime partner gotta keep them kids safe.

As i packed up my reporting kit for the day and got ready to leave it left this editor wondering, why has Mount Baron been left so unsafe for so long. Its any wonder no ones been hurt yet. The findings of this editorial department have been delivered to the Black Island council in hopes positive changes will take place. If you've anything to add or would like to discuss the situation on Mount Baron dont hesitate to contact The Black Island Gazette office. 555-9988 extension 45 ask for Jet shes our receptionist who will gladly handle your call.

That comes to the end of issue #1 Im lead editor Mike Abrasco wishing you all a safe and pleasant time for the week ahead.
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Dr. J

Aug 14, 2014
Issue #1, the doctors report:

Yes, it's the good doctor here giving you an update on where we stand medically. Our hospital has seen an increase in flu like symptoms recently, and many people are linking this to reports of strange sightings' near Lake Barron. We've covered this in more detail elsewhere in our first issue. It's great to be a part of the team bringing local news to local people.

There is nothing to worry about.

It is just a minor flu outbreak. We have the staff and medication on hand to deal with this. We've sent a message to the mainland advising them of our current status and have been advised that further help is available if we need.

Addersfield airport is on standby in case we need more assistance.

Again, I cannot stress this enough. There is no emergency situation. No cause for alarm or panic buying. No conspiracy. No secret research facility,

Dr. J

Aug 14, 2014
Issue #1, evening edition, a medical update:

Incidents of flu like symptoms has continued to increase throughout the day but I still believe there is no cause for concern. We have pulled in some on-call staff to help in the hospital.

The reports coming in to the office here at the Gazette are that though there is a little panic buying, stocks of basic necessities are generally good. I don't see that getting worse. The mainland is aware of our needs, and looks prepared to forfill them.

To use an old cliché, they've got our back.

I've managed to speak to some of the people who were originally interviewed for our headline article, as well as discussing it at length
with Mike Abrasco himself. While a little worrying, I believe our reporting here is accurate.

Dr. J

Aug 14, 2014
Issue #2, morning addition.

Front page headline:

Is this a conspiracy?

Our reporter Shane Campbell had a call last night from the man he met the other day, the man who just likes to be known as Bill Randel. he has reported more strange sightings in the sky near Lake Baron. The reports are so far unconfirmed, but the fledgling team here at the Gazette have dispatched two reporters to gather more evidence. We don't know enough to provide accurate reports at this time, but have contacted as many of our previous contributors as we can. Mike and myself have been trying to help, but the hospital is filling up, I have to help there as much as I can. That just leaves Mike to collate and edit the information we can get. Here's Shawn's latest interview with Bill:

S - Tell me what you saw last night.
B - It was cloudless, the moon as almost full. I was out fishing on the lake again, well, it might not be legal, but we all need to live, right?
S - And you saw?
B - At first I though if was just a lightning storm, we get them at this time of year. But there was something in the colour and direction that made me take notice. Besides, the fish weren't bighting. So I had nothing better to do than watch it.
S - What direction was it?
B - Sort of towards Mount Baron, but it was spread out, I don't know, it was just like a general direction.

AD: Please support your new local paper, subscription forms are available now from wherever you shop and you can help us by listening to KCC KLASH, call them on 555-5527 to make your voice heard across Black Island.

S - Were you scared?
B - More interested, at the time, I got s**t scared later reading what else was in the paper, and on the radio.
S - What do you think we should do?
B - Prep. Be ready, contact the mainland people for extra assistance.
S - We've been in contact with the mainland, they are ready to help. Have we done enough?
B - NO! We are not ready, and we won't get support.
S - You sound very sure about that ...
B - You're damn right I'm sure, I fought long and hard in every sense of the word to get to where I am today. I'm not going to just loose it all because for a stupid cover up.
S - Thank-you...

Medical update from the good Doctor, page 3:

Our hospitals are approaching capacity, but we are dealing with the extra demand of flu like symptoms. From a medical standpoint, I still see no need for the panic buying that is quite prevalent at the moment. We have the staff available, we have supplies on hand, with more available from the mainland if we need. I have that in writing. I've asked the research team here on Black Island for extra help to control this flu outbreak. They stand ready, as we all do, to combat a minor outbreak. I'll make this clear once more. It is not an epidemic, a pandemic, or anything close to either of those. All it is is an island wide 'touch of the smiffles'

Dr. J

Aug 14, 2014
Issue #2, evening addition:

Is this a conspiracy.

Jake Newstead met back up with Fred over at his home close to Mount Baron. The conversation was a little terse and tense. We produce it here as well as we can. The power is out again, we're relying on back-up generators to get this edition out.

J - So what's been happening Fred?
F - It's just all gone to rat s**t, everyone has gone crazy, people looting, guns all over It's just crazy.
J - Can you think of a reason?
F - CR*P, just duck.
Jake reported gunshots followed, but Fred had pushed him in to cover.
F - You OK?
J - A bit shaky
F - You've got to tell the world about this, we're royally screw*d over here.
J - What do you mean?
F - Can't you see it? Help me show you the light. There will be no help for us, no support, the mainland government are behind this, you know about the research facility, don't you?
J - I've heard the rumors.
F - They're all true, go see for yourself.
There were more gunshots, but not directed at our reporter.

We will continue to update the situation as long a possible.

Medical update, page 4

It has been an arduous day, we still await support from the mainland. All the staff here are exhausted. Yet we all go on. A true tribute to everyone's dedication. Wile risking some panic, we could now be looking at a serious flu outbreak.

Current advise is to stay inside and await further information. Stay tuned to your local radio station KCC KLASH on long wave 300 KHtz for updates.