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Backer Release Plan

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Jul 25, 2014
Brooklyn New York
Hey all,

This will be the first update in what will become the ‘backer release process.’ As you know, we’ve been working on Survive the Nights for some time now. The current build is just over two and a half years into development. That’s from the ground up. We’ve had two public testing phases where backers (around 6,000 of them) joined us in testing server stability and some core mechanics. We’re now somewhat, although admittedly not totally ready to move forward.

Let’s start by saying that the build that’s coming is NOT alpha! Most of you will know this as I’ve done my best to hammer it into almost every update this year. This release is basically the internal testing a team our size can’t do. It’s also a chance for you to directly influence nearly EVERY feature in the game. After these keys go out, we feel a few things will happen. We’ll have a few thousand people join us. Many of them will likely play for a couple of days and step back. Anyone that’s left behind and is interested in improving the project will then help to directly do so moving forward. We will be going live with an issue tracker as well so please create a Trello Account. We will be updating (probably annoyingly frequently) so if you have bandwidth limits via a provider or something please keep that in mind!

If you haven’t, we URGE you to please please join our Discord and get your backer role sorted! This is how we’ll keep in contact for this backer release. The team will be on Discord live, side by side with servers spinning up. Even if you ‘don’t like it’ or whatever the reason might be, please consider joining as it’s going to make this process much easier for everyone. :)

Dates -

There’s not going to be a set backer release date for STN. This is going to be process. We’re not a big team and this is also the first time we’re releasing anything period. We’ve never done this before so like mostly everything else we’ve done, we’ll be learning as we go. Please bear with us, you’ll need to be our guinea pigs :p We’ll be releasing keys beginning on the 24th of this November, yes 2017! That’s a Friday but you’ll not be ‘playing’ on Friday. We’ll spend that weekend testing server spin ups with you (hopefully you’ll be chatting with us via Discord). Our goal is that something is stable by the following Friday December 1st. ‘Stable’ to us means that there are regular servers up and running 24/7 in regions where we need them. People are able to join, test and report bugs. That’s basically it. Pending anything super serious, we should be on the road to an awesome build for Steam!

Like I said above, this is only the first update in a chain of tons to come in regards to this backer release. A lot of you have been with us since Day 1! It may seem like that journey is coming to an end but really our relationship should just be getting started here. We’ll develop this game together as promised from Day 1. STN will be community driven and this is the start to that process here, not the end! Thanks again for all the continued support. We’re looking forward to finally getting something in your hands, even if it’s a bit sooner than we’d really like. It’s a start and we’re happy to share it and excited to turn it into something awesome! We’ll talk again soon :)
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