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Beyond Hardcore server

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Sep 6, 2014
United States of America
I searched through the threads and haven’t found anything like this one but I actually would like to see a Massive server that is locked when it starts and will end when there is a small amount of survivors.

Let me be more specific. Let’s say the population of the island is 1000 people. It is safe to say that 30 percent of the population would survive the Zed apocalypse the first few weeks. There for the server max can be something like 300. At the start of the server you register and that ties up a free space. Once you die you cannot return to that server until it restarts when let’s say there are 10 people left. New people can join as long as the initial 300 licenses aren’t taken up.

This would allow us to create a community of people that actually want to either survive and create a new world or destroy each other in the process. This is a rough Idea that I think would make me want to play the game more cautiously and actually try to be friendly as there would be no, I have a giant base and every time I die I can just re-log mentality

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.