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Oct 14, 2017
I know here is lot of threads on this, but this one is more like question when these kind of weapons come in game.

This moment when those graftable weapons not in game there need to be those other weapons, but now feels you find guns and ammo too easy.
When you can graft like bow and arrows for that then it's lot easier to drop that loot chance of guns and ammo so those who like easy game dont cry that much.

This moment when use melee weapons you get dmg your self too, like machete you need 2-3 hits before zombie is dead and it's very hard to dodge those zombie hits.

When these graftable weapons come, then like arrows can graft many different ways.
Here list different kind of arrow heads what i think can be made:

1. Sharpen end of wood, basicly you need only some sort of knife to make it.

2. Bones you kill something and have knife you can take bone out of corpse, then you shape bone to arrow head.(Like 10 arrow head of 1 big bone)

3. Hard plastic it's one what you can make arrow head shape whith knife.

4. Metal arrow heads needs to make at workpench and need other tools like hacksaw and pliers.

All those different arrow heads need to tie whith some sort of string or some metel wire like copper wire what is allready in game. That string can make wood branch.