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Cleaning Items and Cooking Ingredients

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Little Heart, Aug 12, 2017.

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  1. Little Heart

    Little Heart Member

    Aug 12, 2017
    keeping items clean is important aspect of survival where more than one person share common items and it is realistic. It never happens that you pick up a fruit and eat up straight, you wash up before eat or cook. Then why not we do same in game. Everything after use gets dirty maybe from dust or some oily stuff. Cleaning our items is major aspect of our life, also survival. Cleaning items should be a gameplay tactic of this game.
    Every other survival game designed water-consuming only for thirst purpose. After a time, water availability becomes more than enough and it becomes a long-gone requirement for survival. But I guess we're not expecting this game that way, do we?
    Water should be extensive element for survival in this game by adding more use of it. And how we use water in our use? of course, for cleaning stuff. But NOT everything needs water clean items. I said it because it shouldn't indicate that I mean only wet cleaning. I meant dry cleaning too.
    There should be two types of cleaning.
    1. With Water + Detergent/Soap
    2. Without Water - With Rug/Cloth

    Cookingwares(pot), Cloths, Cooking Ingredients(fruits and vegetables), medical equipments, Bath, Floor would require first type of cleaning.
    Weapons, Furnitures would require second type of cleaning.
    Now the effects:
    Using dirty pot would increase chance of sickness, cleaning would lower it. Same goes for Cooking Ingredients.
    Wearing dirty cloth would demise mental health, cleaning would make it positive. Same goes for Bath.
    Using unsterilized medical equipment would cause infection or disease. Cleaning would prevent from that.
    Weapon cleaning would increase reliability and stability.
    Wiping Floors and Furniture would lower chance sickness also maintain comfort increasing mental health.

    Really looking forward to a realistic survival game.
  2. Hauger

    Hauger Moderator Community Mod Backer

    Apr 17, 2016
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