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Cloth material vs metal armor crafting

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Oct 2, 2016
Iowa, United States of America
I actually believe this should be a subtitle under crafting. It is because there is a lot that the DEV's have done in crafting already from the videos I have seen. Shredding, Sewing, Weaving, which is basically crafting objects in the play world just like you would in real world. this should cover cloth metal, plastics and wood. Maybe most definitely even plant and animal mater. I am not sure how many objects they can come up with for this game. I believe they have to draw a line so they take suggestions from all us potential player/buyers of this game and try to come up with a formula of what goes in and what needs to be done by mod builders.

I saw suggestions for Ghillie suits which in real life are made by the soldiers themselves. This means the craft them themselves. I saw elbow and knee pads which can be crafted from existing things in the real world by adding metal or plastic to them through crafting ; but making a suit of armor from scratch takes metal working skills above normal peoples ingenuity skills.

With that in mind I do believe I understand what the DEV's are doing with the game. They are trying to make as much as possible of the existing world interactive for entering existing structures they have put in the play field. As players it is our goal to make due with the play world they developed to survive the best we can. The ability to interact in this world is where their real concerns are and so decisions must be made of what is considered. The crafting area is great minds working together. This makes a great game that no others have done as of yet.