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Combo food

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Jul 20, 2015
Its been awhile boys and girls, time for another suggestion!

So I'm sure theres been a few posts about food or certain kind of foods but I just got a PZ mod and though "oh sh*t, this game has stir-fry, forgot bout that" and was curious if this game will have multi-craft/cooked foods. So I know theres "rat burgers" in the game but im unsure if you can combine a cooked patty with bread or you just eat the meat on its own instead of making a good old ratbeef sandwich.

Basically what Im suggesting here is multi-cookbo foods such as stir fry where with the right ingredients, time and skill you could not only cook up a big meal for you and your friends (spaghetti & meatballs anyone?) it would offer benefits like happiness and a boost again the mentality system, more calories to do more activities in the day & night even maybe warmth (whos soul doesnt feel warm after a good slice of pizza? )

Hopefully Cookbo does end up in game either small means or larger means Id rather not spend most of my time eating out of a metal can that im pretty sure used to say Fido on it.