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Lord Of The Silver Beaver Damn
Aug 31, 2014
West Wales
Whats up survivors!

It's been a while since I've been on STN think last time was 0.6 or around there. Well I got back on I got the bug and I've been going for it over the past few days and I'm pretty proud of myself :)

I've got myself 2 bases set up now, both in Union Point and close to one another one is in a garage where I can siphon fuel to power my generators and one in an apartment complex. I've got all the windows of the porch boarded with planks on each side with 20 or so nails in each. I've got a generator on the roof so no cheeky raiders steal it. I've got 4/5 locks protecting my loot which I have split in 2 apartments on the top floor which is completely lit up with power from the generator (which I have 4 of now). I have plenty of room in the apartment complex if anyone wants to come join me in survivors tower!

I game on the EU #1 server and would love to have a few more of you join me so we can get a nice little clan going :)

Thanks for giving this a read and hope to see y'all soon!
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