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Darkstar 影

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Jun 4, 2017
Alaska, United States of America
So as someone who plans to do a roleplay for this game, and has done similar things before, I just kind of wanted to make a thread of requests or suggestions, or just for y'all to say whats in already. I can't already find a thread on this and did search, so sorry if there's one that I missed. Anyways, these are the things that I can think of, divided into sections. (Also ofc I don't expect these right away, but they would be insanely helpful to not have to rely on mods for these)

Free Camera - Meaning I can unhook the camera from my character, and fly around the world as just a camera, this should automatically take away any and all HUD.
ToggleUI - Essentially just a hotkey or combination of keys that can be pressed to get rid of all HUD on your screen. I know y'all are going for minimal HUD anyways, but to make something even more cinematic sometimes it's best to have no UI at all. Also, this doesn't need to get rid of your hand object(so you can still see your gun in the bottom right) if we want to get rid of that, I assume we can just empty our hands, this is assuming thats the case.

No Needs - Essentially, the character doesn't need food, water, medicine, etc.
God Mode - Cannot take damage, cannot be infected or hurt in any way, but it's important that we're still able to deal damage in this mode.
Damage Mode - Might belong in a different section, but anyways, something that makes us deal a ridiculous amount of damage, if there is something that lets us set the health of things/people, then this is unnecessary. But for cinematic moments, carving through a horde of five hundred zombies can be badass, but is d*mn near impossible, so God Mode and Damage Mode would be necessary. Not only because it would be awesome to do this, but because say your family is on the other side of the horde, and theres no way around this one, your running out of time. Well, time to f*ck up some undead with nothing but the chef knife you found in the kitchen.

Spawning - Pretty self-explanatory, its pretty much a need to have the ability to spawn in items, undead, vehicles or anything like that. And it would be nice if there are more factors to them, to be able to set factors such as the zombies all spawn with 1 hp, vehicles spawn with a quarter tank, items spawn with 5% health maintenance. Isn't a necessity, but would be very nice :)

Setting Values - As stated previously. Being able to set gas in a vehicle, health of an entity, maintenance of an object, setting health, food, water, whether or not infected, etc.
Time - Being able to slow down or freeze time, to set the season, and time of day.

I'm sure some are planned or already implemented, but I just wanted to get it out there, as each of these I(and others Im sure) would definitely get use out of. And obviously this would strictly be for server owners/admins, and could all be not tinkered with/toggled.