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Craftable Weapon Cleaning Kits

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Jun 5, 2015
Hopefully my search-fu hasn't failed me but I didn't find this suggestion (other than being loosely mentioned in some posts). So we saw weapon cleaning kits in the 2nd round of testing. I imagine these will be fairly rare to find in-game so we should be able to craft our own.

Basic Cleaning Kit:
  • Cloth Scraps - Obtained by cutting/ripping up cotton sheets, clothing, towels, etc.
  • Gauze Pads - Can be substituted for Cloth Scraps.
  • Cloth/Towel - For cleaning the outside of the gun.
  • Metal Rod - Wire clothes hangers come to mind, though I'm sure there are other widely available household items that could be used.
  • Pliers - Not actually part of the kit, only necessary to pinch the wire shut to securely hold the cloth scraps and to make sure the pinched end will fit into the gun barrel.
The basic cleaning kit wouldn't be as effective as the ones we find as loot.

Advanced Cleaning Kit:
  • Basic Cleaning Kit (see above)
  • Gun Cleaning Solvent - For more effective cleaning of inside of the barrel.
  • Gun Cleaning Lubricant - Lubricate those moving parts and acts as a protectant for the outside finish.
  • Two-Sided Brush - Nylon bristles on one side and wire bristles on the other for those difficult to clean & stubborn areas.
The advanced cleaning kit would be as effective as the ones found as loot (assuming those come with everything necessary for gun maintenance). You wouldn't necessarily have to craft the basic kit in order to craft the advanced kit. I think you should be able to craft an advanced kit if you have all the separate items AND if you've already made a basic kit then later loot the extra items needed for an advanced kit.

I think the gun cleaning solvent & lubricant should be more common than finding cleaning kits as loot, but still fairly rare.