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Crafted Faraday blanket

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Jul 12, 2017
First of all i'll start with the use of it. A Faraday blanket is the same principle as a Faraday cage it blocks Electromagnetic signals. Could be quite the tactical weapon if a player was to attach Faraday blankets over or under a suit they would have no ability to use VOIP but at the same time other players wouldn't be able to 'ping' them. Any sort of radar or detection system in the game would become circumvented. A Faraday blanket could also be used to improve the growth of plants as it would block any harmful EM signals, plants are believed to be affected much more than people by various radio signals. Add grow lamps under a Faraday blanket arrangement should be quite good not to mention reflecting heat quality's and insulation from cool air.

Any type of weapon that uses a remote control system to activate if a player equipped with Faraday shielding stood in front of an activation beam in theory it should bounce off them and not reach the receiver to activate a weapon. Not a very good tactic lol.

To construct it is easy

Tin Foil
Some sort of backing, ive found baking paper works
Glue and tape

Simply stick wide strips of tin foil to the backing material and then tape the wide strips together along the seams with enough strips it will create a large somewhat flexible blanket.

Tested and used IRL, and yes it almost completely blocks my android the bars go down to 1 or 0.
Not open for further replies.