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Cultivating a Good Defence

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Cultured Crow
Aug 14, 2014
Parts Unknown
I would like to see plants added into the game that could be used defensivly, there are many types that people use to deter intruders and make a good passive defence. So far gardening is probably only being considered for health but they also have many uses besides nutrition, besides medicinal uses they can be used to make barrier's, poison and can act as a sort of camoflauge if the right plants are grown.

Using gardening as a defence they could include certain plants/seeds in gardening loot areas that you could plant around your house/base to help deter players. There are types of fast growing and invasive bushes that are covered in large thorns that can deter the basic burglar but there are also ones where the thorns can cause inflammation and rashes in scratched areas. The plants can be planted and cultivated in areas around your home to deter human players so there are fewer areas to attack from. With enough growth you can create a spiked shield around your home that can even contain edible berries. Pyracantha is a common type of fast growing evergreen bush that is very dense with thorns and is covered in red berries that can cause intestinal problems if eaten before crushing and washing them. Ulex europaeus or Gorse is a invasive species native to Europe and imported to North America and is covered in dense thorns.


On poison there are many common plants that are grown in gardens that could be laced with your thorned bushes so that people being cut by the thorns come in contact with the flowers and berries covered in poison. Oleander and Nightshade are often grown in gardens as well as Castor bean plants which are cooked to make castor oil. Castor beans themselves when uncooked are a heavy source of ricen, Oleander can cause seizures, tremors, drowsiness, rapid increase in heart beats and even coma but the serious symptoms are very rare but can happen in in large doses. Nightshade is known to be very poisonous but they also have medicinal properties if used in the right way. Water Hemlock is extremely poisonous and can be found and grown around streams in North America and Europe. Rhubarb stalks are cooked and eaten but the leaves are very poisonous and can be made even more so by cooking them with soda. Jimson Weed originated in North America and is very common and can cause hallucinations and can very easily cause a person to overdose due to the high concentration of chemicals in each plant. All of these plants and others could be grown along with the other defensive bushes to trick and poison intruders and to create your own poisons.

http://www.onlineplantguide.com/Image Library/N/5675.jpg
(Castor Bean Plant)
(Water Hemlock)

Well what do you guys think I think, it could make a interesting route for defensive options that wouldn't be easily appearent. I would also like to hear other plants you guys would like to see that you could grow around your abode for defensive purposes. Something that comes to mind would be peppers to make your own pepper spray.
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