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Emergency vehicles

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Jan 22, 2015
United States
As far as I could tell, this hasn't been suggested yet, so I'll put it up now. I was thinking about having emergency vehicles in the game such as ambulances, fire engines, police vehicles, and possibly National Guard vehicles(?). Might sound a bit useless, but I'll give an example of how this could be useful ingame.

Ambulances - Ambulances can contain medical equipment such as BLS/ILS/ALS kits (the type of medical kit and content is completely up to the developer, of course), syringes, medications, oxygen tanks, and even a stretcher and backboard if you needed to transport a wounded player on foot.

Fire engines - Fire engines can also contain useful equipment such as SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus or oxygen tank), fire hoses, which I suppose could be put to use to put out fires, depending on how they'll be working and behaving ingame, turnout gear, which is worn when firefighters are responding to a fire call (turnout gear is meant to give the firefighter some protection from the fire), Jaws of Life, which are used to cut open vehicles to extract people from them, a generator, which is used to power the Jaws of Life, etc. There's many fun tools that can be found on or in a fire engine (fire axe, halligan bar, etc.)

Police vehicles - Some things that could be found in a police vehicle would be a shotgun (typically located in a weapon rack in the front of the cruiser), an MDT (Mobile Data Terminal; uses/features can be found on Wikipedia), bulletproof vests, which are made of Kevlar (Level II armor capable of stopping up to a 9mm FMJ round), spike strips (as far as I know, most, if not, all police vehicles carry spike strips), which could be used as traps to flatten tires of vehicles (the tires wouldn't flatten immediately, of course), as well as a partition that separates the front of the cruiser from the back, which could be useful if you're transporting someone. The rear doors in a police vehicle also cannot be opened from the inside, so if you close yourself or somebody else inside, it would have to be opened from the outside.


And of course, these vehicles could be driven as well, if the development team would like to put them to use. There are plenty of uses for these vehicles, and I'm sure they would be great additions to the game. Feel free to post your thoughts, guys! Also, feel free to post anything I might've missed out on.


Master Blaster
Aug 17, 2014
I like it, and it will probably happen either way, I wonder if it would be possible to make run-flat tires with their physics system on police vehicles.