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Energy storage device

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Aug 13, 2014
Now before everyone attacks me, this is a copy and pasted thread from myself, I am just re-posting it for the sake of new people in the community and the Devs are further into production at this point, it has been several months since anyone has seen this thread and just wanted to revive the idea to see what people thought about it.

I think that there needs to be some sort of energy storage device, such as a battery bank or something of the sorts to run your house off of, because yes having a generator is great and all but when it turns night time if your smart or just flat out don't have the resources to defend from a horde you turn off your generator at night which kind of defeats the purpose of having things like lights in your house in the first place.

These storage systems would not be to hard nor to easy to get, it would require finding a power converter of sorts like a car alternator or something, and then a converter to change from DC to AC because well you can't power your lights off of DC, you would also need multiple car batteries, and wires.

if it needs to be made difficult to be found then that is understandable because it does give you the ability to have power at night without attracting zombies which is a huge luxury.

and possibly depending on the amount of batteries you put in it the longer the storage will last, so basically you are not required to have 10 batteries, a newbie could make one with just one battery and use it very sparingly at night for necessities, and you could add more and more, each one increasing your max storage capacity and have the limit at 20 batteries or so for the advanced player so they could run basically everything all night without a problem.

I am very open to further suggestions from the rest of the community on this subject.

Tell me what you all think of it, maybe we can make this idea happen, I think it would fit perfectly into the game.