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Feedback on current loot spawns (0.11.27)

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Feb 25, 2019
Game version: 0.11.27.

I am going to split this into categories of food, weapons, medicine, utility items, parts and misc.

Weapons: So currently all the weapons that should not be common are pretty common and all the handguns are rarer than the (from my experience) all the big guns that are everywhere, so the changes that I think are needed are to make handguns less rare and make all the other guns more rare, now the specifics of how I think it should be are: Lola and garry (common), Rauser rig and bateman (uncommon), Pump shotgun and clinchester (rare), R-6804 (very rare), ARG 15 and FRKS semi auto shotgun (epic). Now I am talking about regular rarity I am talking about a rarity meter for guns only, so the lola and garry is not as common as a can of food, so I’ll kind of give you some examples for how rare things are in this gun rarity scale. Common equals to 1 in every 5-10 houses, Uncommon equals to 1 in every 10-15 houses, rare equals to 1 in every 20-30 houses, very rare equals to 1 in every 30-40 houses and epic equals to guns that are only found is specialty buildings like the police and 1 epic is found in 10-15 police stations, now of course this doesn’t have to be the exact rarity of stuff but it should give a picture of how I think rarity should work.

Now I know that this is much more different than the current way in which guns are ridiculously common but I do have a reasoning behind it and that reasoning is that if guns would be rare (with proper rarity) then they would have a value and be something that people actually care about and there is no better feeling then finding that rare gun, also because its too easy with a lot of guns, also you might think that having one clinchester or one pump shotgun in every 20-30 houses is ridiculous because then “how are people going to defend themselves” but the thing is that the lola and garry and other handguns are more than capable to kill zombies and help you defend yourself, they are just not capable to make the player feel all that powerful that they don’t need anymore guns, but those common handguns will be able to aid the player in getting the next rarity tier of weapons and so will the next tier and so on, and having weapons be that gradually rare makes the player feel like they are actually are making progress in the world (because they would not be able to get that weapon without having a weapon of the previous rarity tier) and when they find a new rare weapon they will be happy instead of going “oh another one of these” and of course with less guns the game will be harder for starters which is why if these changes to spawning are implemented (partially or fully) there will probably need to be less zombies in “low level” buildings like houses and maybe more zombies in certain places like police stations where the goodies are, because currently if you have a clinchester a police station is a cakewalk.

So I think that implementing these rarity tiers (and just to be clear these “rarity tiers” are just a backend thing, weapons wont have some colored outline because of their rarity tier like its fortnite or something) will make players feel like there is more progression to the world (and all the other stuff that I said above) and thus will greatly positively affect the game.

Food: Currently getting food is fine if you hunt, but if you don’t go hunting you will have a much harder time getting food then if you were to hunt because in 0.11.27 food spawns are lower than before which makes it so you have to hunt to get food, and hunting shouldn’t be something that you have to, it should be something optional and a way for players that are far from towns to get food so food spawns need to be increased, not by much though (I would say about a 20%-30% increase is needed).

Medicine: Medicine spawns are mostly fine (maybe a 10% increase if you’d like) although I do think that a new health item that only spawns in hospitals should be added so that they are actually worth going to.

Utility items: In my opinion all utility items are too common currently so about a 50% decrease would be welcome, except for axes because those are pretty fine.

Parts: Parts are pretty fine currently, but machinery related parts, nuts and bolts might need a bit of an increase.

Misc: So generators are clearly too rare currently if they even spawn but I do think that they should be rare so keep them rare, just not too rare. Lock kits are a too common currently, I would personally give them a spawn rate decrease of 10%-50% depending on how rare you think they should be.
Vehicles should be much less common and spawn with like 1 part at most just to make it harder to get them.

Dr. J

Aug 14, 2014
I'd still like to see more can openers ...