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Freezing water in icecream containers for instant use

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Jul 12, 2017
Recently i was given a large freezer and decided to take filtering water a step further by freezing water into large blocks in icecream containers with the addition of magnets to improve the health quality of the water. Ive read much talk about how water is weakly magnetic, known as Diamagnetic. In this way water has some interesting properties. Its believed by reducing the surface tension of water using magnets it can improve the bio availability of water. The effect is very similar to what happens when you use water to clean your car with washing detergent and it forms into droplets.

Some scientists have tried to debunk this but if you think about it, that's like saying waters not magnetic either. More research is required into this phenomenom but i believe it does indeed make the water taste more refreshing as reported by people who have tried it. You can now buy magnetized water in some countries but it costs alot, its really a big ripoff that because all you need to do is place a stack of magnets next to a jug of water for atleast 10 mins and the effect is done. By freezing water in icecream containers with magnets im hoping it intensify the effects due to how magnets are affected in extreme cold, similarly to when their heated up the magnetic field is strengthened only not as much when heated.

Filtering water with activated charcoal and coffee filters.

Couple of blocks already frozen, wrapped in baking paper for easy use. Drop in pot instant filtered water for boiling.

Stack of ferrite magnets attached to freezer shelf coils.