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Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion in 'New Members - Helpful Information' started by a2z(Interactive);, Jan 2, 2018.

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  1. a2z(Interactive);

    a2z(Interactive); Developer Staff Member Developer

    Jan 27, 2016
    What can I expect of the pre-alpha builds?
    Please keep in mind the game is still in it's infancy. Expect crashes, bugs and various other potentially game-breaking issues. Also, many of the features are works-in-progress, while other features may not be implemented yet. Please don't expect to be playing a "finished" game.

    When will the game go from unlisted pre-alpha to a fully public listed alpha release?
    We are working our hardest to get to alpha ASAP. Once everything is stable and all features shown our alpha trailer are implemented, we'll move forward with our public alpha release on Steam.

    What’s taking so long?
    We’re a small team working on our first project. Unfortunately, our original release dates on Kickstarter were far too optimistic. We’ve been developing our current build since February of 2015. Nearly everything we do, we do for the first time. Things are progressing much quicker these days. The team has gained a great amount of knowledge in the last couple of years. There are still mistakes to be made and lessons to learn. We hope you’ll stick around for the journey!

    How many people are currently working on STN?
    a2z(Interactive); currently has 5 full-time team members.

    What engine is STN made with?
    Unity 5

    Where can I get updates on the progress of STN?

    Can I stream/record STN during pre-alpha?
    Yes, we only ask that you please include a disclaimer with your stream or recording that states that the current version of STN is a pre-alpha build and is not to be considered a finished game.

    Will I be able to rent or host my own dedicated server?
    Running your own server is part of what makes so many games great. During the initial alpha build and Steam EA releases there will be officially hosted servers and players will have the ability to rent servers from our trusted provider, AllGamer.net. As major issues are worked out and everything really starts coming together, we will eventually release the backend server software to allow players to host servers on their own systems. While there is no current ETA for when the backend server software will be released, rest assured it's in the works!

    What will you do about hackers?
    Our servers are authoritative which means server logic is independent from the clients and most decisions are made by the server which makes it harder for people to manipulate situations. This will however not be all, we’re always looking for ways to improve cheat protection. We’re also exploring 3rd party anti cheat solutions and steams VAC system. Our servers will and can be heavily moderated this also allows for greater control of just how a server will run and how secure it will be.

    Will there be single player?
    No but you’ll eventually be able to rent a server if you want to play solo or with friends.

    What platforms is the game being developed for?
    Upon initial release STN will be PC/Mac only with the possibility of porting to consoles in the future.

    Where can I find all of STN’s videos?
    All of our videos can be found on our YouTube channel. You can use and monetize any of our Survive the Nights videos.

    How big is the map?
    STN’s main island (Black Island) is around 64 sq. km. You can view the interactive map here.

    Is the map procedurally generated?
    No, it is hand designed.

    How long are the day and night cycles?
    30 minutes for a day and 30 minutes for a night as a default. Server owners/admins can easily change this value.

    How long is a day in-game and how long are the seasons in-game?
    1 hr in real time = 1 day in-game
    24 hrs in real time = 24 days in-game
    Each season in-game will last about 4 days in real time by default

    How many players will there be per server?
    We will start with 30 and work our way up during pre-alpha testing.

    Are zombies in the game?
    Yes, STN is a zombie survival game. You will eventually have the option to turn them off through a private server along with many other server options.

    What kind of zombies are in the game?
    Classic zombies. They will be slow and dumb but more powerful in numbers. They are a real threat and will kill an unprepared player quickly.

    Can I become a zombie?
    No, you can only kill them at this time.

    Can zombies break down walls?
    No but they can break through doors if they try hard enough.

    Will there be base building?
    No but all 400+ existing structures are fortifiable and securable.

    Can I have a pet/companion?
    There are not currently any plans for pets.

    What types of vehicles are there?
    Land vehicles are currently being implemented. 3 vehicles are currently planned: Pickup truck, Jeep and RV (mobile home). Boats will be coming in future builds.

    Will there be helicopters or planes?
    No, we don’t feel that aircraft really suits the island size or the realism factor in STN.

    Will there be PvP?
    Yes but PvP and KoS mentality will be discouraged with our mental health system.

    Will there be a female character?
    Yes but not for initial release.

    Will there be character/clothing customization?
    Yes but not for initial release.

    Will there be cannibalism?

    Will you be able to sleep in game?
    No, there are no sleepers in STN. As of right now, beds along with couches, sleeping bags, cots, hobo huts, tents and a few other items are just safe log off machines. They’ll basically just save your position. There’s a 20 second combat log system in place. We’ll see how it all works during the up coming backer release.

    Will there be in game translation for other languages?
    Yes, localization is important to us and we'll be releasing language packages to the community for translation during initial early access release.

    Is there a large HUD?
    No, the only thing currently displayed on screen is the small chat box.

    Can you group in game?
    You can tag your friends and select the color of their name tag dot. That's the extent of the system at this time.

    What happens to my loot when I die?
    You will drop your backpack with your loot.

    When will we see more features added?
    Stability > Survival/AI > Fortifications/Traps > Hunting/Trapping > Vehicles.
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