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Got bored wrote a short story on youtube video comments

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Jul 12, 2017
Strategy minister, talley these dogs numbers immediately! Yes overlord Kane at once. Sir, i count 20 heavy cruisers 50 destroyers and 2 titus starcracker imperious class heavy asteroid dreadnaughts. Gooood! Good man i like a challenge! Fleet Sargent i want wide band now! Yes sir at once! This is your overlord Kane, listen men today is a day of victory fear not what faces us we will ride like a gryphon on a storm barrier and smash them with cosmic radiance. Battlestations, arm all torpedo's check ammo prepare damage control. Fleet Sargent get me the Supreme Science Minister on fleet wide comms. At once overlord Kane! Yes overlord Kane what is it? Initiate project Epsilon Gruis, overlord Kane security cypher 5 5 5 steel and iron. Sir, its not ready! Do it, i command you or would you like to take a walk out side? Yes, yes Sir i'll arrange it. Very good carry on Supreme Science Minister. Lets see how these scum stand up to our little surprise hahaha. From no where, appears an immense battleship its very presence threatens the fabric of reality an entire nearby asteroid field begins to implode due to its massive gravity generators. The sight of the gigantic battleship rallys the fleet. As the small planetoid sized battleship rumbles forward a gun that would make titans quake in their shoes rises from its bowls a huge rail gun on immense hydraulics makes a sickening grinding noise as millions of leavers and cogs do their job to bring the ships main gun online. After a spectacular show of mechanical might that was nothing short of the pinnacle of an entire empires technological prowess, the gun had risen and the ship slowly turned to aim at the fast approaching opposing fleet.

Supreme science minister, is the gun ready? Its functional overlord Kane but in its current state of development i advise no more than 5 rounds fired, there is still work needed to be done on the housing so that the gun doesn't tear the entire ship in half. Very good, commence arming and firing on my command. Acknowledged overlord Kane. Fleet Sargent bring our command ship around to face our foe, we shall not falter in the face of such pitiful adversaries. Acknowledged overlord Kane, correcting course in effect. The command ship lurched as her engines came online she was a big and powerful battleship but nothing compared to the monster nearby.

Strategy minister, choose targets battle is to commence shortly. The opposing fleet was near overlord Kanes fleet, a few advance scouts probed the formation with some light ordinance pinging off the ships armored hulls. Sir, shall we take out the scouts? No, do not open fire Fleet Sargent. I await your command overlord Kane. Supreme Science Minister, is the gun armed and ready for the first firing? All preparations are complete overlord Kane give the order and
the gun will fire at a choosen target. Strategy minister, send the target data of the opposing armies 2 dread naughts to the Supreme Science Ministers secure encrypted terminal. At once overlord Kane! Supreme Science Minister have you received the target data? Yes overlord Kane we have locked in the targets to the rail guns hyper quantomic battle computer, shall we commence firing? Fire! The railgun once again made a sickening sound of grinding gears and leavers as its first round was moved into the enormous breach. A hiss of energy begun to build as a luminous glow projected from the end of the rail gun. As the gun fired the kinetic projectile exit force was so massive it pushed the battleship backwards. The first projectile sped towards one of the dreadnaughts. It hit with an impact so intense the dreadnaught shattered from the inside out, there was nothing left but spinning twisted debris.

Supreme Science Minister, how long until reload? There will be a wait of atleast 10 time units. That is acceptable, enable the ships defense field shes too valuable to loose. you know what must happen if you are boarded. Yes sir, all science staff are well briefed. Very good, carry on Supreme Science Minister. The opposing fleet had arrived, torpedo's and small rail guns started pummeling the overlords fleet. As the battle raged on overlord Kanes command ship was severely damaged. Fleet Sargent status report. Sir, diagnostics aren't functioning. Don't give me that Sargent i'll have you hung from the tower of magnus on prius I if you have to get reports from crews around the ship do it! Sir, yes sir! Damage crews report, main engines offline were running on secondary's. A third of all weapons systems inoperative. Sir were not dead in the water but we are taking it on. Your order Sir? Evacuate all personal to the Epsilon Gruis, double up damage control crews once onboard pull all guns from armory racks before we scuttle her take whatever ammunition can be carried the Episilon Gruis must not fall. At once Sir, i'll organize a text book evacuation. Strategy Minister, begin the self destruction sequence set the timer 20 units with proximity detonators rigged incase those scoundrels try to board her. I'll begin preparations immediately Sir! Supreme Science Minister, you are to prepare for my arrival along with all crew still onboard we will be bringing supplies weapons and ammunition. Prepare my quarters. Yes Sir at once!

Overlord Kanes fleet was down to half strength most of the opposing fleets destroyers had been turned to scrap. They still had one functional dreadnaught and the majority of heavy cruisers. The command ship was evacuated, it was steered clear of the overlords fleet due to the destructive force that was about to take place. After all personnel had arrived onboard the Epsilon Gruis an almighty explosion rung out like a thunder clap. The Epsilon Gruis rocked as the shock wave of the explosion hit her. She was a great ship, lets never forget the sacrifice made today. Supreme Science Minister is the gun ready for another firing? Yes overlord Kane shall i commence? Begin! Once again the mighty railgun surged with power, as the projectile fired at the second dreadnaught. The Epsilon Gruis shook like a tin can floating in a river. Overlord Kane watched as the projectile speed towards its mark. The second dreadnaught disintegrated with near perfect implosion accuracy. It was beginning to look like the battle would be in overlord Kanes favor. The remaining forces of the opposing fleet all turned towards the Epsilon Gruis. Things were about to heat up.

So, its a fight to the death they want is it? Fleet Sargent, bring all velocity laser turrets online lets send these dogs running with their tails between their legs. At once sir! Strategy Minister, contact all remaining ships and have them form a ring around our friends were going to crush these dogs. Immediately overlord Kane! Overlord Kanes fleet encircled the opposing fleets remnants, whilst the mighty Epsilon Gruis's short range combat lasers came online. The opposing fleets remnants moved towards the Epsilon Gruis, when something unexpected took place. 4 of the heavy cruisers formed a rectangle formation after which activating a device buried in bowels of each ship. A glowing ring appeared between the ships, to which an energy vortex begun to appear. It rippled with power as the vortex became stronger. Supreme Science Minister, what in the blue suns of praxis is that! I order you to find out immediately! Yes Sir we'll begin at once! The remaining combatant heavy cruisers had become a diversion, the commanders of the opposing fleet weren't going to be annihilated without taking most of overlord Kanes fleet with them. Sir, this is worrying. Yes Surpreme Science Minister, what it is come on man out with it! It appears there is a black hole forming in the middle of the vortex! Fleet Sargent, bring the Epsilon Gruis around 180 degrees now, do it immediately that's an order! Yes Sir at once sir! The huge ship lurched as it spun around at speed not being designed for quick high G maneuvers. Most of the heavy cruisers were twisted metal the 4 forming the vortex seemed to have hardened shields which keeped soaking up everything thrown at them. Overlord Kane barked orders at his fleet Sargent. Sargent, if you dont get this ship moving im going to have you skinned right here. Sir, engines have been pushed to maximum safe parameters. Parameters be damned! Engage the Stardrive forget the rest of the fleet we are the only ship equipped to get out of the pull of the black hole, we need to do it right now in 2 units we are going to get sucked into that damn thing and im not fond of being squeezed out of existence. But Sir, the drive could explode with this level of gravitational pull. Sargent, if you dont do this i will gut you were you stand!

The black hole was increasing at an alarming rate, a few unfortunate overlord ships were sucked in being instantly pulverized to atoms. The Stardrive blared into life, the ship shook shuddered and creaked. A large energy buildup enveloped the ship as a portal into a inky black void opened, the ship fell through the portal just as the black hole sucked the rest of the overlords fleet in. For now the battle was won, but at what cost?