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How to make filtered water for cheap

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Jul 12, 2017
Something ive been wanting to share with our community for a while is a cheap and effective way to create filtered water free of most of the junk in local water supplies in countries where fluoride and chlorine is added.

As i live in NZ its becoming a problem with many regions now adding chlorine, in order to maintain health something had to be done.

The method and equipment is relatively simple, you'll need the following

1 plastic funnel
Activated charcoal - this is different from basic raw charcoal check your chemist for supplies or online
Paper coffee filters
Large plastic bottle with a resealable cap, juice bottles work well such as 3 liter containers
Salt, ideally pink rock salt - this also gives iodine
Something to pour water in with, a glass measuring jug works well just needs to have a small lip

Pull out 2 coffee filters from the package open them both up insert one into the other than place both in the funnel. Add activated charcoal to the top filter maybe 3 teaspoons, if you brought your charcoal in capsule form empty 12 in. place the funnel in your bottle and gently pour the water into the top filter paper. The charcoal will rise up with the water and coat the inside of the paper you want this. I call this the first run, let the water start to slowly trickle into your chosen bottle.

After a few minutes of filtering empty the first run out and put your funnel back in then resume filtering. You'll notice the water looks very clear compared to standard tap water. It will take some time potentially over an hour to filter 3 liters as it can slow to a constant drip 'this is good'

Once you've reached the top of your bottle or near enough remove the funnel and add about a pinch of salt, the reason for this is due to the filtering process stripping all minerals out of the water. Cap it and chuck in fridge.

This method is cost effective, whilst time consuming will provide clean drinking water not 100% free of all contaminants but for the cost its good. You should be able to produce about 3x 3 liter bottles of crystal clear water per charcoal filter batch.

Enjoy better health :)
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