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I have some very sad news concerning Lastworld previously known as Survive

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Jul 12, 2017
A young man, David Tse started his project some 4 years ago a brilliant talented coder yet would of been under 20. Over the space of 4 years he created his own engine from scratch and then started to build the game he always wanted to make, an authentic zombie apocalypse open world sandbox it was set to be something spectacular. I backed the game sometime last year originally getting to know David by posting on his site forum before the website makeover. The forum disappeared but we continued talking on Steam eventually discord. David was well known amongs't many indie circles having attended a number of games dev's events. He was a rising star to say the least.

On the 1st of August came release day, it was to be his big event the accumulation of 4 years of hard work finally making it public although only phase one it would of been one of the top VR Zombie games with keyboard and mouse controls to be added back later and his overall vision being followed through as funds undoubtedly came rolling in. I waited and cheered on the discord server along with the rest of our small group of backers David never showed. I thought perhaps he had forgotten or had run into a problem and was going to let all known shortly.

Sadly David was never to be seen again, he passed away some 2 weeks prior. You can read the full story here http://www.mysanantonio.com/obituar...se-Jr-23-was-creative-video-game-11303814.php

He was one of those people who just had such talent and passed away too young. As a christian ive come to accept it was his time its still hard. I got to know him as more of a friend. One of the most genuine people ive ever meet in the industry.

To anyone that knew him or of Lastworld you can send the family a donation here if you wish

I'll never forget him, was someone special. He would of gone on to become an industry professional possibly making multiple games over his life time.

His father hopes to complete his son's work, i spoke to his aunt on discord and gave her as much links as i could to help out so the family can piece together Davids overall vision.

I created a steam post if anyone would like to leave a message, the family have the link and will see any comments.

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