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Aug 14, 2014
United Kingdom
Am an early back from 2014 kickstarter. Not been active all that much on the forum. As my hype for the game was gone by 2015. Not due to the game or the devs. But because I was board of survival games and early access in general.

Fast forward to a few days ago when the game was finally playable. Now am not going to lie I was not expecting much. I was expecting a really poor put together game. Running at 18FPS with zombies that didn't work and essentially just a death match each and every time in the spawn area. I didn't get any of that.

So far I have gotten a near solid 60FPS game. A nicely built world and probably the best looking and working zombies I have seen from any of these early access survival games. I am really impressed with the zombies. The actually act like I would imagine zombies to act. If you walk past them at a distance they don't seem to bother with you. If you get to close some will attempt to follow you and give up. Some will follow you until you have dealt with them.

Obviously their are many bugs in the game. The biggest bug I have faced is the loot issue. No loot seems to be spawning. But sleeping at a bed and logging out and back into the server fixes this issue. Am confident the devs will fix this sooner rather than later. The combat system also seems somewhat satisfying.

Really looking forward to seeing this game grow. Merry Christmas all.