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Improve gameplay/immersion

Discussion in 'Gameplay' started by Sr.Marques, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Sr.Marques

    Sr.Marques New Member

    Feb 10, 2018
    I havent been testing a bunch of the game and i want to start by saying it so u can take that into consideration when reading this, with that said i will give some feedback on how I THINK the gameplay/imersion could be improved severly.

    -When walking up the mountains the movement should be more smoth and not so shoppy, the fact that you somewhat teleport in front and then backwards doesnt help at all

    -Lack of swimming makes so when u enter the water u just want to leave it and it makes crossing the river a nightmare, witch should happen but in regards of wetness or even being dragged by underwater flow of the river

    -The character starts drowning way to quickly

    -The models should be reworked ASAP, meaning player and zombies, it completly ruins the immersion

    -The doors shouldnt break in 2 hits by a zombie as i witnessed, it should take 1 zombie at least 50 or more hits, and even more possibly

    -The points of interest are too far apart from each other, meaning u need to walk very far berfore u have something to do

    -The road system if far too basic, we should at least have some dirt roads in the woods for example with some small houses and camps

    -The piles of garbage should be searchable, taking a long time for some very low tier loot but it would give us 1 more thing to interact with

    -There should be bushes with berries for us to gather

    I would like to end by saying that i do love the path that this game is taking and that i really support and trust the developing team, dont take this as bashing the game, but as my way of trying to improve the game and i hope some of these ideas are new(cant take the time to read all the other to see if im repeating somene else). Much love to the Devs.
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  2. styke1122

    styke1122 Well-Known Member Backer

    Jan 4, 2016
    Spot on i do love this game as the fact that that i did back this a long time ago. It's just me but when we did the last stress test it seemed more enjoyable as there was more interacting with other players. But i will stand behind this game till the end of time.
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  3. OhDemGames

    OhDemGames Oh so pretty oh so pretty Community Mod Backer

    Jun 19, 2017
    Real late reply here by me but hello and welcome to the forums

    - The teleportation lag issue should be fixed for a while now.

    - Swimming will be added SoonTM.

    - I imagine this will be tweaked once swimming is actually added.

    - Character customisation is in the works which will also change that and some zombie models i believe.

    - Door durability is changed in 0.3.4/0.4.X it is much better now.

    - The map still has a lot to be added to it.

    - There is a few dirt roads with barns and stuff currently but lots more to be added i would think.

    - I believe these actually will be searchable at some point.

    - Berry bushes are actually in already, you are missing out man lol.

    Thanks much for the support and input guys :)