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Infinity Battlescape

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Jul 12, 2017
Some of you may of noticed me talking about I:BS on the discord server. The games a space flight sim shooter with strong BattleStar Galactica vibes. Its been in development since the early half of the year 2K. The company created an inhouse engine which is nothing short of a next gen engine and after asking it was confirmed by one of the developers it can fully support First Person walking around mode that is get up out of your ships cockpit bridge landing on an alien planet take a walk outside. I:BS isn't about that, its not to say it wont be added at some point in the future. Originally it was meant to be a large sprawling space MMO epic, the company had to scale back due to shortage of funds and resources. If it becomes a hit on steam which it seems set to be who knows where it could go.

A little footage

I believe it'll eclipse Elite particularly for the BSG feel. The games due to move to ea on steam very soon, perhaps within weeks of this post. You can pledge early if anyones keen on it and wants a better price than what will likely be on steam i suggest getting the lowest tier as alpha beta access is pointless with it so close to release unless you want the backer rewards. You can buy a copy on the official site.