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Inflatable/Portable Swimming Pools

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Aug 18, 2014
Houston Texas
Hello and Howdy from Texas STN team and backers.

Nothing like a refreshing swim after surviving the night!

How about adding functioning SWIMMING POOLS possibly inflatable and portable, SMALL PONDS or other man made sources of water in Game?

They can be anything from small man made pools both inflatable and portable, ponds or even Olympic size swimming pools? These could serve many functions in game. This is my list of some benefits and features for the use of Swimming pools / ponds.

1. Food Source. Stocked with fish or other aquatic food sources such as turtles, frogs even algae, etc.

2. Water source. You need to keep hydrated. This could also be used or tied into a hygiene and health system in game. You know the saying an apple a day keeps the Doctor away? With out a shower or wash off how long do you think you will last before your running away from yourself? Smelling rank could be the death of you if the zombies smell you.

3. If plumbed into your house there is nothing like having running water in your living space compliments of your handy work running a rain gutter catchment system to your water storage pool or pond. Even taking a simple piece of tin sliding it under the shingle and bending it at a 45* angel will provide a simple yet basic water trap to aid in water collection.

4. Hot water from the sun. Copper tube placed in a circular coil painted black and placed in a box with a glass, plastic or lens cover and attached in line will give you enough hot water to keep the chill off at night compliments of your handy work and a swimming pool or pond. So you can set it up with a valve and re direct the hot water in house or heat your pool.

Swimming pools/ponds can also be used to hunt other game as both animals and humans will need water to Survive The Nights. This water source could be used as well for upgrades in the future. Who knows we may be able to collect enough parts to make our own biofuel digester and harvest algae for a food source or bio fuel.
Thanks for reading my post and to the STN team and backers for helping make this game something we all look forward to enjoying for years to come. Replies welcome.

Can you think of other benefits or uses for or with Swimming pools / ponds / or other sources of potable water?