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IOT, cloud stuff and data 'sharing'

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Dr. J

Aug 14, 2014
OK everyone, this is well off topic.
Let's do the background...
I'm in my late 40s, and remember (fondly) when computer stuff was confined to your machine.
But now everything seems to require an internet connection, registration and the sharing of information with other parties.
[I'm not having a go at @a2z(Interactive); here, I'm happy to be a part of the forum, and willing to let them (and other forum members) see the details I've made public].
But every single computer related item (be it a game, a fitness tracker, your smartphone or even your fridge) seems to need you to have internet connectivity and provide PII [personally identifiable information] in order to use it.
We are at the beck and call of these companies.
I have a couple of games that I can't play anymore because the online servers have been shut down.
There have been instances of company takeovers where it was promised no data would be shared, and then less than a year later, it was. I'm not going to mention names here, but if you take a guess, you'll probably be right.
Let's back track to 2000 (the last time I hosted a LAN party at my house). Everyone had bought the game, and we could just hook the machines together and one of us would be the 'server'. None of this online rubbish.
I'm not against online verification of your key-code to validate it, just against always having to be online to play a single player game. Piracy is bad for the industry as a whole, I understand and support that. Online verification is fine by me.
But why do we have to provide so much information? Even giving out an E-Mail address is a bit much for me.
Who knows what happens to the data you provide?
I have a bit of a 'system' to help me track data leaks of my PII, so far two crowd funding projects (NOT STN!) have released my PII (Probably having their database hacked), as have three UK based utility suppliers.
Just to clarify, there are certain companies that I will freely exchange information with on the internet, and trust to protect my data. The STN forums are in that group.

Anyone else feel the same way?
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