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Just a fellow survivor with some ideas

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Sep 2, 2019
some ideas that i have about the game that i think it should change and some that should be added.

1: Hunger
Make the hunger like in real life, don't make me eat only one time and then when i'm full i'm ok until the next day, its really annoying beeing like that and unrealistic.

The idea that i had is to make the Survivor hungry like every 5 to 6 hours in game and not once per day. Now theres some people that they like to see the hunger bar to be full like me and eat more then they should need and eat every 2 to 3 hours. If you do that you get fat and by getting fat you should run slower and get hungry more often because your character needs the food.

2: Kilos
This is an idea that goes with the Hunger. as much food you eat you get kilos and have negatives thing in your body.
If you don't eat a lot you get skinny and have negativities in your body too.
Now the Idea about the Kilos is that IF you get fat and you don't want to be fat because you have those negativities you should be able to lose that fat by Running a lot more then usual and not eating that much as your character wants to, and by adding Kilos in the game this makes it perfectly balanced.

3: Fat and Skinny
So being fat means that you run slower and eat more often. Then what about being skinny. When you are not in a normal shape the negativities that you should have is that you can't carry a lot of items in your backpack and that means reducing the capacity. And you are not that strong with Melee weapons so you have to deal with less Damage.

4: Give us more time
I think that the time that the game has it's not enough for us to do a lot. Make the day like 30 min in real lifetime and night 15 min. if the day time its already 30 min then i have serious problems.

5: Characters
Make character customization or you guys make like 10 characters and let us choose one of them.

6: Zombie
When we kill a zombie the hitbox it's still on. That makes some difficult times for us because we get stuck in them and they can block doorways and the worst part is that they can destroy cars after you run em over.
( what happen to me was i killed a zombie and after i drove over him and my car got destroyed ). You should delete the hitbox after the zombie is dead i think that's the easiest way to do it i don't think someones gonna complain about why i can't shot the zombie again and again in the face after he is dead.

7: Camps
I like the idea that there are camps all over the world but i think that you should remove the smoke coming out of it, Because there's no one using the fire. Make it smoke if there's a player actually cooking something on a camp so they know that they are in danger or with players or with zombies.

8: Shovel
I don't think shovel it's in the game as a tool yet but i think there's should be one. Why you ask, i can only think of 2 reasons right now.

First it's because of fishing. Fishing its coming soon to the game so if we have a Shovel we can find some worms on the mod and use them as bait. And the second is that we can hide items by digging a hole on the ground and cover it again.

9: Backpacks
How about we find some backpacks around and not start with one at the beginning. Do different styles like small ones that can not hold a lot and big ones that could hold more.