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Kudos to the Devs

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Jun 23, 2017
Just found STNs and I have to say this game looks outright amazing! Been looking for an original game for a very very long time and your team take all the cakes. TBH I torrent 90% of the games I end up buying because so many games today are just over-priced mirror copies of older games with slightly upgraded hud/graphics(COD, BF, any Assassins Creed etc etc etc). This game looks as original as the first time I saw minecraft with the exception of STN's being forced into the zombie genre, which there's not much you can do about that.

I'm especially interested to see the mental health system. IMO it reminds me (if only slightly) of the GTA V penalty servers for being too aggressive. I grow weary of the loud-mouthed troll that are so prevalent in today's PvPs. I like to see the dev team implementing a system to penalize these over-aggressive players that focus more of their efforts on killing players than playing the game. I'm not expecting for the devs to put an end to it all together, as it is still fun to defend myself and my team, but if this means "up-standing" players are given any kind of edge, well damn take my money please.

Crafting and building engines look awesome too. Very fresh and unique. Reminds me a bit of Stranded Deep/The Forest, which are some of the better crafting games IMO when it comes to putting everything together. Gathering resources looks like its going to be challenging and fun to keep me fighting to survive without the tedium of "fill this meter up over9000 times".

Keep up the awesome job and take your time!i! Never been happier to pre-order game. Kudos to the Devs.