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Liquid Trap's

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Cultured Crow
Aug 14, 2014
Parts Unknown
My previous trap thread was getting crowded so it was suggested I separate things, here are a few liquid based traps I have thought of in my spare time.

First a simple trap the gore alarm.

Gore Alarm

1x Wooden Pole
1x Large Plastic bag
1x Pint of Blood
1x Piece of Meat
1x Signal Flare
4x Ring Screws
2x Trip Wire Kit's
2x Plastic Zip Ties

A alarm trap designed to create an visible alarm and to interrupt the movement of zombies while additionally attracting zombies towards a player caught in the alarm. After collecting enough meat and blood to fill a large plastic bag a signal flare is placed head first halfway into the bag, the bag is then closed around the flare. Zip ties are used to secure the bag and flare to the wooden pole. Two trip wire kits are placed on the opposite end of the pole and fed through four ring screws fixed into the shaft, upon activation of either tripwire the signal flare is activated bursting the bag and releasing the flare into the air. The trap can only be placed on dirt, but I am looking into a upgrade to allow it to stand on multiple surfaces.

The Drum

1x Modified Oil Drim
4x Car Batteries
4x Taser Pistol's
1x Hinge&Latch
8x Bolt's
8x Nut's
4x L Bracket's
12x Electrical wire's
2x Rolls of Duct Tape
18x Gallons of Salt Water
1x Trip Wire System

A water&electrical trap designed to release a large amount of water before electrifying the immediate area. A oil drum is modified by removing one third of the drum creating a smaller container, and removing and reattaching the lid with a hing and latch keeping the drum closed. Four car batteries are secured to outside of the empty oil drum and connected to each other via electrical wire, connected to each car battery is a taser pistol pointed upwards. The trap is bolted upside down to a ceiling and filled with salt water a trip wire is led to the car batteries and the latch of the barrels lid, upon activation the water is released and the tasers are fired.

Sulfuric Trap

1x Large Ceramic Pot
1x Thick Rubber Sheet
1x Small Pulley
14ft of Rope
1x Trip Wire Kit
5x Car Batteries
2x Bolt's
2x Nut's
1x Metal Bracket
Chemistry Equipment

A chemical trap designed to release a large amount of concentrated sulfuric acid upon activation. Emptying multiple car batteries of their acid solution the acid is then carefully boiled down until reaching a viscous oil like state. The now concentrated acid is stored in a ceramic vase and sealed with a sheet of rubber, the vase is suspended from a ceiling via a rope. The rope leads to a small pulley bolted to a ceiling, leading from the pulley the rope attaches to a trip wire kit placed on the ground. Upon activation the rope is released and the vase is sent crashing to the ground releasing the concentrated acid.(The amount of car batteries needed could be changed I don't know how much of a car battery's weight is the battery acid solution, if anyone knows I would appreciate the info.)

Well here they are I don't know much about their effectiveness I just thought of them in my spare time, but hopefully they seem plausible. As usual any suggestions for the traps or their parts are welcome, if I can think of any other traps that use a predominate amount of liquid then I might post them I'll see you guy's later.