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List of Suggestions

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Dec 28, 2019
United Kingdom
This list is for JB and the other developers to take a look at. It contains various suggestions on new features, edits to existing features and everything in between.
If you have any questions or queries, please comment below and we can discuss.


Items marked in green are highlights

Items marked in red are notes

  1. Improve braking on cars. Even traveling at 20mph seems to take 5 seconds to stop. I understand brake discs may be worn or rusted apocalypse but I have already taken this into account
  2. Slash sound when hitting zombies with a machete/axe/blade
  3. Blood splatter/pooling on ground when a zombie is killed?
  4. Increase/improve loot in bathrooms.
  5. Player Storage Containers kind of ruin looting and searching through buildings. Make all containers (apart from player crafted containers) just like normal containers that can be searched for for loot
  6. Make pliers slightly more common
  7. ?maybe? Allow us to craft a simple container to store our things in, such as wooden chest, metal chest, etc (but don't go too mad, 1 or 2 is enough we don't want spam over the map and terrain)
  8. Allow us to exit a vehicle/seat by pressing escape. Having to aim for the 'E' node to get out of the seat of an RV while it's rolling towards the sea or about to explode is quite annoying
  9. Have little icons next to each item in the inventory as per their category. I am aware there are tabs, but improvement is also welcome on the “all” tab too
  10. ?maybe? Add damage values to melee weapons and guns? Right now it seems the faster a weapon is, the better. I am aware that some weapons such as wood axe can 1-shot head-shot but it's still much better to use a hatchet for example, because it's quicker.
  11. Have naturally locked/barricaded buildings (houses) with better loot inside. Risk/reward factor could be more zombies spawn inside.
  12. Bodies and skeletons (props/objects) scattered throughout the game, on road sides near crashed cars, in camps, in the wood, in buildings and just in general spots, increasing the horror aspect of the game
  13. More towns on the map, utilizing those empty spaces.
  14. Allow us to change the hotkeys 1-7 or simply make it a hot bar of 1-5 weapons/tools that we can place a preferred order
  15. Shotguns and rifles (or maybe just shotguns) more common in farms. A large farmhouse should have a solid 50% chance of having a shotgun in
  16. When eating an item of food from the inventory, the animation begins and your inventory is closed. Allow us to have the inventory automatically re-open once the animation is complete, or keep the inventory up while eating
  17. Make the campfire grill "Hold 'E' to pick up. It's way too easy to accidentally pick up the grill and drop your tins all over the place
  18. Some kind of 'progress sign' when eating food so you know when the action is complete, and you can open your inventory etc (maybe a timer like crafting)
  19. Stop zombies spawning in 'safe' buildings. We have secured numerous houses [boarded up windows and locks] and even looting the houses around results in zombies re-spawning inside our locked base
  20. Option to alphabetize item list in containers (items put in containers by player) just like the inventory can be organized

Thanks for your time
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