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Loot Balance ticket #6

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Jul 25, 2014
Brooklyn New York
@Velocetation says -
So here I will make a very long and boring to read (sorry, please dont leave !
) essay about loot balance that you probably wont fully read but please do because this stuff is needed. Also keep in mind this is feedback is from someone that has put around 10 or more into 0.10 by now (yes 10 hours or more with within less than 2 days since it released, I have no life okay).

So even since 0.9 loot balance has been kinda tipsy, 0.10 is definitely a step in the right direction but there still are changes that need to be made. I personally think that they way loot spawn rates were in 0.8 was the best (not that it didn't have its issues with loot spawning rates but it was better than what we have going on currently)

-On generators:
So in 0.9 generators didn't even spawn, well in 0.10 they do spawn but way too many of them do. This far I have seen around 20 generators per 1 gas can and while I do think that the gas can spawn rate needs to be higher there definitely is a problem with the generator spawn rate. So it needs to be lowered but why ? Well I know that the generator is something that takes parts to get working and gasoline to actually run but that stuff is not that hard to get , and while I definitely don't think that generators should be something that is extremely hard to get I do think that its something that shouldn't be in everyone's home and currently there are more generators spawning than handguns (and the problem is not with the handgun spawn rate) so if they are more common than a sidearm then there surely is a problem. In my opinion generators should be this thing that you are excited to finally find and because its a commodity and not a trash item that you keep finding and ignoring. I think that you should only see generators in houses that are locked down with the windows boarded up and traps ready (in bases with players that have reached endgame content), not in a house with a single lock on a door and a couple of half boarded windows so I really do think you guys should lower the spawn rate for generators.

-On gas cans: So I have only seen one gas can after looting a hundred or more buildings so I think that should be increased, also they should probably have a higher chance of spawning in gas stations.

-On guns and ammo: So I have to say that with 0.10 guns have become a much less of a trash item that you just get tired of seeing like in 0.9 and are more valuable (not much more valuable, more so a value of "hey maybe this weapon has more condition than the current one I have" but not a "hey finally found this cool rifle") but there are some changes that are still needed. So currently one of the most common guns if not the most common gun is the clinchester (while the rarest is the shotgun, which is a bit of a problem since I think that currently the shotgun is the worst gun out of the weapons that aren't handguns but I will get into that in a different post) and that doesn't sound right since you'd think that handguns should be the most common of all weapon types, and rifles seem to be as common if not more common than them currently and just as a note, I have found dozens of weapons but still not a single bateman yet so I think that needs to get checked out. So I think that gun spawns rates need to be lowered in general but not by much, just enough to make it so handguns are uncommon (which means you would have to search like 5 or more houses to find one) and that shotguns and rifles are rare, with of course some variants of certain weapon types being rarer than others, like the sniper rifle being more rare than the clinchester and a lola and garry being more common than a rauser rig (which is the best handgun currently). Why make weapons (some more rare some a bit more rare) rarer ? Well because currently finding a weapons that good and looks powerful like the sniper doesn't make you go "Oh yes ! This weapon is dope, cant wait to try it", it makes you go "Another one of these pieces of crap, I would prefer a can of food over you". Now when it comes to ammo, ammo has been really common since 0.9 (except shotgun shells which haven't been spawning since 0.9 and don't seem to spawn in 0.10 either) and that hasn't changed in 0.10. So I think that ammo spawn rate need to be lowered since currently there is way too much ammo laying around and while I don't think that ammo should be one of those things that a player would go like "Wow finally some of this" when he finds some, I do think that it should be relatively rare, not rare in the sense of you have to save the ammo you found in the last 10 days only to have a bit of shooting in a single day and then go back to saving until you can afford it again but rare in the sense of it being a bit less rare than the guns its used for, so the 5.56 that goes in the AR would be a bit less rare than the AR itself, now considering the AR will probably be one of the more powerful and rare weapons in the game, the ammunition for it will also be one of the more rare ammunition types to find in the game.

-On tools: In 0.9 some tools were too common and some were too rare, in 0.10 I think that the spawn rates for tools are much better and don't need much tweaking, although I would lower them a bit.

-On components: So most components are fine in this update but there are some that need some tweaking for sure.

So the lock kit is something that was really rare in 0.9 and in 0.10 its too easy to find. Now I know that getting a secure home is something that everyone should be able to do without spending 10 hours trying to do so and that's not what I am saying should be done but I do think that it needs to be rarer since currently its not even worth bothering with trying to craft one, so I would suggest lowering it, not by much but by enough to make it rarer (I would say lower it by around 50%-70%), now why should you lower it ? Because getting a house nice and secure should be an achievement for players and not a thing that can be easily done, like it is currently.

Finding a combination lock or hasp and staple has been pretty hard since 0.10, to be honest I cant even recall if I have found a single one of either of the two. So the spawn rate for those two should be increased.

So when it comes to generator parts (starter, spark plug and the radiator fan but I will just refer to them as generator parts since that's shorter), I am pretty sure I haven't found a single one yet and I have found like 20 generators (although thats more so the generators fault for being so damn common) but yeah those need to have their spawn rate bumped up, the hardest part about getting a generator should be finding the generator itself and not the parts for it since the parts will probably have other uses in the future as well.

When it comes to nails, I haven't seen a single box of nails yet so those should be bumped up.