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Medical Items

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Lt Snake X

Aug 13, 2014
New Orleans
Yes i already know i started a thread on it ill even include the link http://community.survivethenights.net/threads/addiction-system-and-medications.214/

as i stated before i would like some realism to the Medications that will be added into the game i know it all cant be done idealistically but i'm still going dream so here i go
Morphine- /Narcotic/ used to temporary stop pain from broken bones, gun shot wounds really any trauma.
i can see if you're shot or something is broken your aim should be off because you will be focusing on the pain this will help numb it but should also have an addictive nature and possible overdose so not to abused constantly but should not
permanently fix anything.
Splints- Used to mend bones ideally any two strong pieces of either wood metal or plastic with some tape can be used to make one, id say also to apply the splints takes a bit of time
Bandages- Used to control bleeding, yes i know a standard item but make sure we can turn clothes into
bandages cause anything that can be tighted and will absorb blood so clotting can occur can
be used

Ibuprofen- /NSAID/ used to slow down infection and fever pretty much self explanatory, but should have side
effects like increased bleeding and to much usage in a small amount of time can cause death (due to liver failure)
Anti depression medication- /SSRI/ used to treat depression and help mental health but can be addicting.
use them to help with your mental status but not to completely cure it can become dependent
Pain killers(generic)- /Narcotic mostly/ same as morphine but doesnt last as long but more readily available when looting same addictive nature with possible overdose see Morphine
Smoking- yea i know to so medical but ill include it for its usage to help calm people down so it could be used to help mental status but also have an addictive nature maybe give a small light when you are smoking along with a few smoke visuals that come off the player.
Antibiotics- Used same like ibuprofen slows down infection and fever but at a better rate but no damage to
bleeding but will require an iv start kit item to use
Thats just some item, i have more if you like to see them
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