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Milling Machines

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Fabio Fernando Schipiura

Aug 13, 2014
I have created a thread about it already, but i thought would be nice creating another explaining better this idea.
Would be nice if the game had machines that could be used to produce metal parts of high complexity, like gun or handcuff parts, a bear trap etc. These machines would spawn randomly in the world, would need a source of electricity (supplied by the player with a mobile generator), milling tools, lubricant and scrap metal (that would need to be found, likely somewhere else in the world) and a lot of time. I think these machines would have a limit to the number of their uses before it break, and could not be repaired (the player would have to found another in the world), this would prevent players to set their bases in places with milling machines and have a enormous advantage over other players. And for last, this machine would make a giant amount of noise and sparks (light), that would attract players and zombies to there. Players would have to temporarily fortify that place and would probably have to have help from other players to take care of their backs.
Here's a picture of a milling machine and tools: