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Multiple layers of clothing.

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Sexual Tyrannosaurus
Feb 24, 2015
What? No. We can't stop here. This is bat country.
Simple thought, how about having multiple layers of clothing instead of the old boring just a t-shirt, shirt/coat...

Depending on how the inventory storage is calculated having multiple pockets/storage (see @Davz Not Here 's thread http://community.survivethenights.net/threads/pockets.4028/#post-41567) would help along with maintaining your temperature, it could also effect how much damage is taken during a full body skirmish with a survivor/zed/wildlife and also add a ton of combinations for unique looking survivors.


Sep 6, 2014
United States of America
I like this idea with respect to the melee attacks being "muffled" in a sort of speak when wearing say a t shirt, sweater and jacket. I do however feel that the storage part of it would be a bit difficult to maintain as you would need to take off the jacket to get to the sweater pockets.

Another thing I would have to add is wearing body armor under a coat... Sorta an incognito way of protecting ones self without looking like a military commando.


Test Subject
Jun 5, 2015
Surprised I haven't posted in this thread yet. I love the idea of having multiple layers of clothing. It really leads to some unique character customization and I would imagine some great gameplay mechanics. I'll just throw something together as an example for discussions sake.

  • Head - Max 2-4 items, some items might not be able to be worn together.
    • Hat - Any sort of hat style apparel. Generally only cover the top portion of your head but could cover your ears as well.
    • Mask - Things like bandannas, dust masks, gas masks, motorcycle masks, ski masks, etc.
    • Utility -This could be things like ear muffs, scarves, etc that would provide some benefit (or handicap depending on the situation/weather)
    • Accessory - Purely cosmetic, things like jewelry, glasses/sunglasses, face paint/tattoos?
  • Torso - Max 4-7 items, some items might not be able to be worn together.
    • Under garment - Things like A-shirts (tank tops/wife beater shirts), long johns/thermal wear (some are designed to keep you cool in the summer!).
    • Shirt - T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, button up shirts, etc.
    • Jacket - Stuff like hoodies, wind breakers, sweatshirts, vests, etc.
    • Coat - Parkas, waterproof hiking coats (summer/winter variants), topcoats, peacoats, heavy jackets (varsity or bomber jackets), trench coats etc.
    • Back - Backpacks!
    • Utility - bandoliers, harnesses, etc.
    • Accessory - Purely cosmetic, (can't really think of many ideas here), maybe things like body paint/tattoos?
  • Hands -Max 2-3 items, some items might not be able to be worn together.
    • Gloves - You guessed it, gloves! Mechanic gloves, winter gloves, fingerless gloves, etc.
    • Utility - Watches, compasses, stuff like that.
    • Accessory - Purely cosmetic, jewelry, bracelets, etc.
  • Legs - Max 2-4 items, some items might not be able to be worn together.
    • Under garment - Similar to torso, long johns/thermal underwear (winter/summer variants)
    • Shorts/pants - Pretty much any type of shorts or pants.
    • Utility - Belts, harnesses, fanny packs, etc.
    • Accessory - Purely cosmetic. Like the torso I can't think of much here so I'll stick with possibly body paint/tattoos. :p
  • Feet - Max 2-3 items, some items might not be able to be worn together.
    • Socks - Yeah, just socks.
    • Socks 02 - Because winter is cold and sometimes you just need more sock.
    • Shoes - All the shoes, running shoes, cowboy boots, hiking boots, sneakers, etc.
I can't really think of any utility/accessory items for feet so I'll leave it at that.

@NothingsTRUE I don't think it would be all that difficult to the point of having to remove say an outer coat to access the inventory of a hoodie. Usually I can get to that stuff just fine by just unzipping the coat and pulling the free end to the side. It really depends on how the Devs plan to manage clothing inventory. If they do something similar to say H1Z1 where each article of clothing has their own inventory, then if you're wearing multiple layers of clothing and are taking out/putting in something in a lower layer then it simply just takes a little more time to do so. This would make you think about what you put where, you wouldn't want to be fumbling for a critical item at a crucial life or death moment because you didn't put said item somewhere easier to get to!