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Nerfing headlamp as per TIcket #18

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Jul 25, 2014
Brooklyn New York
Discussion Post for public ticket.

@Velocetation says

"The headlamp needs a nerf because as of currently it renders all other 3 flashlights useless and once the flashlight weapon attachment is added it will also render it useless.
So people that think that it doesn't need a nerf usually say that its fine as it is, but here's the thing. Its not. Ever since the headlamp has been introduced as a spawn item all other flashlights have been completely useless and unused, now once flashlights attachments are added they will most likely get the same fate but worse because flashlight attachments will take resources to craft and why would you craft something that does less than what you spawn in with ? Here's the answer, you wont.
Now here's a fact, the headlamp is the best light source in the game and should stay that way because the problem is not with the headlamp, it is and should be the best light source but its the final upgrade in the game when it comes to light sources but when you start with the final upgrade all the other upgrades become useless (think of it like spawning in minecraft and being able to make a diamond pickaxe right as you spawn, you wont make a wood one now would you ?) and unused so how do you easily solve this issue ? You make it a rare item that you dont spawn with, this way the final upgrade will be the last upgrade that you get instead of being the first and last upgrade that you will get and you will have to go through the other lesser upgrades (hand held flashlights and weapon flashlight attachments) before getting to it.
Now you might think that just nerfing its range or making it attract more zombies will do the trick but you will have to make it so it has the worst range of all flashlights (which wont make sense) or to make it so it attracts many more zombies than other flashlights (which also wont make sense) but then it will just become an item that is not used or an item that is getting constant nerfs and buffs because the community keeps on being unhappy with it.
So I suggest just making it so you don't spawn with it and that its a rare item and then everybody will be happy and all the other light sources will be used."