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Ok? What do you want from STN

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sneakydude, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Sneakydude

    Sneakydude Survivor Backer

    Jul 24, 2016
    I want to be involved in Basebuilding, small groups, protecting each other. I also want the ability to be stalked down by others and have small clan, group wars.

    I understand the admin tools @Clinton , @JB_ allow us to turn off the death penalties on our own servers.

    For awhile i want to be able to explore the map, but i do want to be scared knowing that some stalker is going to steal all my wares.

    Zombies are going to be a threat too, but i want to take it a step further and have the ultimate scare factor.

    What do you want? and for gawd sakes keep it F'g civil.
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  2. Darkstar 影

    Darkstar 影 Lone Survivor Backer

    Jun 4, 2017
    Zombies and people are always going to be a threat, and I think the main thing that I like about the Zombie Survival Genre is the "Survivor" Aspect. I mean that even in a game as buggy and broken as DayZ you can have some amazing moment, which I'm hoping will be even better in StN. For example I met a stranger as I was running into this town, and I didn't know who he was. I never got to know the guy's name, because as I'm holding a shotgun to his head, and him a Repeater at mine, we suddenly heard a shot really close to us, and zombies were coming towards us from all over town. At the exact same time a Hatchback began speeding down the street towards us, and so he just shouted for me to follow him. We were chased by at least a dozen zombies into an alleyway, with no way to get out. We didn't have enough bullets, and sat in the alleyway, unloading as much as we could into the horde and taking out a good few, but there were just way too many, whoever fired the first shot earlier just kept shooting, and more undead kept spawning and pushing us further into the alley. I had a Steak Knife, and he had a Farming Hoe. We said our goodbyes and thanked each other, and then died in a melee battle against the horde.

    It doesn't happen very often, but when you get incredible moments like that, it really defines the beauty of the genre. A complete stranger and I were forced to trust each other, and we developed a bond trying to survive together for about three minutes. I didn't and likely will never see that guy again, but the one moment we shared was awesome. People dying and new people arriving, surviving as long as you can while bearing the deaths of your group for as long as you survive, that's what I look for in any zombie game.(My friends and I have a system, that we'd all start a new server in DayZ, and we'd meet up and try to survive as long as possible, but when one person died, whether he be our friend or not, he'd leave the server and not come back until our whole group was killed off. It made every death hurt and feel almost like you weren't ever going to see them again, it was insane and super fun)
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  3. ld-airgrafix

    ld-airgrafix Survivor Backer

    Feb 4, 2015
    My wish seems like wont come true, i was hoping for large number of zombies shambling around cities, preventing players from easy loot. I was hoping players would save their ammo for the dead.
    Im really hoping outdoor living will be awesome and well balanced
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  4. TheRealManimal

    TheRealManimal Well-Known Member Backer

    Dec 24, 2016
    I think most people just want the game to come out this year.
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