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    Alpha v1.0 has been released on Steam! Bug reports can be made using our new in-game bug reporting system. Please consider joining our Discord if you need assistance.

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Our current progress 2

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Jul 25, 2014
Brooklyn New York
Hello all,

We ran a few internals with the "complete" alpha build and weren't happy with some of the results. Even though you may feel like we're doing something wrong, we won't release anything we're not happy with. We took a step back and decided to sort a few larger issues that have been lurking from the start before a release. We've introduced an added layer of improved level of distance control.

If you've been watching the change-log you'll see our newest entry -

• New optimizations for distant structures making them a 1000 times more optimized. (that's not a joke)

Black island is only in it's alpha stage. We will continue to update, upgrade, swap models and improve the island as we go along. Structures are big part of the core gameplay mechanics and their toll on performance across the board wasn't great.

The island is home to a staggering amount of interactable items now and the towns are densely populated. Every structure is enterable and eventually they'll all be fortifiable. We'll also be introducing purposefully designed structures, i.e. the power plant which will function in the future. Any optimization to structures is very well worth it. We're super happy with the effort. Structures are now a mind blowing 1,000 times more optimized than they've been in the past.

Unfortunately, delays happen and we decided that putting the project quality above the financial gain of releasing at Christmas was more important to us and our existing community than simply making money. We also decided we’d better spend a few days with our families over the holidays before they forget what we look like :p This is the first game or piece of software any of us have ever developed so we have something to prove.

Delays suck and believe us, we do want the game out there but it's just not quite ready yet. We're not going to set any further dates at this point. We're now testing internally and we ask that you continue to support us. You can flame us here but remember that we're only trying to give you the best experience possible.

Survive the Nights will be in your hands shortly. Once we are happy with our current builds, we'll do another post and release steam keys to all of our backers. You'll join us via the Steam client and we'll burn through a bunch of builds until the team and the community feel the game is fit for the general public in which we’ll release EA on Steam. This is an early access, alpha, crowdfunded project by a tiny team of noobs but it stands a chance with the proper support to turn into something we've all been looking for.

We hope you’ve all had a great holiday season and wish you all a happy and healthy 2017! The team is very much looking forward to the new year and the release of Survive the Nights :)
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