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Jul 25, 2014
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Hello all,

We’re doing another quick Friday update just to let you know how things are going. We're obviously still stabilizing builds. Optimization is taking focus again and things are starting to smooth out. We've had some decent internal testing and we're working through the kinks. We will definitely let everyone know once things are ready to roll out. We'll post everywhere sometime beforehand once we know for sure that things are ready.

We continue to develop as we 'fix' the project as well. Development doesn't stop as that's simply not how the process works. To give you guys some idea on the scale of a project we're dealing with here, the stress test took around 2 hours to build. With the larger world and greater interactions, the time to create a build has increased to 30 hours. The island is looking pretty amazing for an alpha build and we think you're going have a great time exploring it!

Help with Nutrition -

I’ve spent a bit of time working on the wiki this week also. We'd like to have this up to snuff for you guys on backer release so there's a decent place for you to gather info. We'd like to offer you guys the chance to help us with a few starting aspects. Below you'll find a link to a dedicated thread. If you're interested, you'll find a wiki table in that thread. I’ve removed the stats for calories, hydration, sickness chance and stamina and would like you guys to give balancing the stats a whirl.

A handful of guidelines -
  • 24 hour required calories at their base are 2000. A player that maintains a healthy calorie intake can build a higher daily requirement. This will result in better overall health and the player isn't required to eat as often among other benefits.
  • Boxed and canned foods will be rather common so following real world calorie counts isn't ideal for a game situation.
  • Fresh meats will be hard to come by but should have a very decent reward so they hold their value.
  • Should sugary products provide small bursts of stamina?
  • Salty or dry products should dehydrate the player.
  • Water/liquid intake is based on a 0-100 scale. 100 required per 24 hours - this will eventually be affected by your condition such as running, weight etc. but for now it's a slow drain. We'd like to keep the need for water realistic but as with the food, it shouldn't be a total pain and over saturate the gameplay.
  • Sickness chance 0-10 where 0 = No chance and 10=Sickness is certain.
That's about all for guidelines that I can think of at the moment. I'm on the forums or not far away most days and nights so if you have any questions leave them here.

This is the dedicated thread for this little community project here. We'll take a look at all your ideas and suggestions. We’d really love to have a nice balanced nutrition mechanic in for backer release. Our systems have been designed to make all of these changes and tweaks super easy and quick so have at it! :)

By complete coincidence - We've been working on customization a bit and in the next update we'll include a bit more information on how you'll be able to help with it. @André Kats started working on masks during his free minutes and his first concept is this.

I think it freaked him out a bit when I told him today was Friday the 13th :p

As always, thanks for the amazing support here on the forums and everywhere else! We'll see you all on a server shortly!​
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