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Jan 27, 2016
Hello all,

Just another quick update here. We've reached stability! The automation process that controls our builds has smoothed out and we're now testing internally. We'll keep this update short because we have a lot to do.

The plan as of now is to basically to have a major 'once over' of everything in place. We missed our December goal by a month but there's no point in us rushing something out just for the sake of making up for a missed deadline. The last 6-8 weeks have been an insane amount of work. We have to find our way back onto a normal working schedule before any kind of release or it may very well kill some of us :) The team will continue to smooth over and improve Survive the Nights Alpha Version 1.0.0

Now that the automation and build process are running smoothly, we've been able to create our first base build. We'll work this build into something we feel is enjoyable and then release it. We won't set a date but we'll do our best to keep you all informed. We're not talking months here...STN will be in your hands for testing shortly.

We've launched a public discord channel. You'll find JB idling in there most days if you have any questions, comments or ideas please feel free to join the channel. It's an easy way for us to communicate with the backers (of course you could yell at us about delays there also). Try not to be too mean to @JB_ though, he's a delicate flower :p
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